Al Qaeda on the run (the Obamster wouldn't lie to you…)

Al Qaeda’s revolving doors in Yemen

Fourteen inmates, mostly from Al-Qaeda, managed to escape from the central prison in Yemen’s capital Thursday when gunmen launched a deadly assault on the facility, officials said.

This what Dear Leader meant when he said, “Al-Qaeda is on the run.”

aqap_AFPSeven policemen and three gunmen were killed, according to the interior ministry and security officials. Another two policemen and two gunmen were wounded, and one of the attackers was captured, the ministry said.

In other news:

CBS: the extreme cold is an example of global warming:

Java: Global Warming Volcano Erupts

That’s because they don’t do enough jihad for allah…

Three airports in Indonesia have been closed and hundreds of thousands have been ordered to evacuate after the volcano on the main island of Java erupted late yesterday.
FLIGHTS from Australia to Bali, Jakarta and Phuket have been disrupted after a volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Java.

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  1. O/T: I left the TV on too long after the news, so please excuse me.
    I had an idea for a TV show!
    “My Mosque Rules”!
    It could be such fun…all the competing imams demonstrating their allegience and adherence to the Koran, the proof being the number of young men of the mosque going to Syria, and of course the devotion of the Muslimahs…
    It could be quite a success!

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