Australia: a school for five-year-old Marxists

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A school for five-year-old Marxists

Andrew Bolt

Australia’s Marxists will gather at their yearly conference at Melbourne University at Easter. Some will drop their children off at the ”School for Rebellion”, run by the conference organisers to indoctrinate even five-year-olds:

Next up was a graffiti workshop for the older group… This involved the kids making their demands and ideas known with spray paint… Their demands included, “Free internet”, “Free Food”, “Free everything!”…

What’s worse is that so many of their preachers work in universities, teaching the next generation how to destroy….


From the Peoples Cube:

I received an interesting email today regarding our People’s Glossary definition of Islam in Gramscian terms. We described Islam as follows:


Today’s most progressive, politically correct religion of choice. Its popularity with the Western liberals following the attacks on America has caused the cultural elites to give up Buddhism, Daoism, Paganism, and other progressive cults in favor of Islam. Following Gramsci’s teaching, we are currently working on helping the world’s Muslim populations to accept our definition of them as an oppressed minority under the umbrella of international Marxism. There currently are about 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, many of whom pray daily for the destruction of Jews and Israel. It is mandatory, therefore, for all progressive organizations to display a fervent support for the Palestinian struggle, its goals, and methods, and to denounce Zionism as the greatest evil, likening the Jews to the Nazis. The opportunity to recruit 1.2 billion Muslim supporters is just too good to let go; if that means watching a few million Jews being pushed into the sea and drown, we say it’s all for The Greater Goodâ„¢.

In its condensed form, the email stated the following:

Gramsci predicted Islam would collapse within a few years of being freed from the colonial rule of Britain and France, because Islam was a product of the agricultural system of production. The point is once Egypt, Algeria, etc., became independent, they would become industrialized, and everyone’s workaday behavior would first soften, then rinse out Islam. Gramsci expected Islam to be less relevant than stamp collecting is now, to the populations of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, etc. by 1980 or so.