Australia: More on that illegal Shiite who 'married' a 13-year old child

We got a name and we got a picture of that mug:
Chamma Admad
He was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 14 years. The sexual assaults took place between January 1 and February 4.
“Certain communities  are often ignorant of local laws and customs”—  Chances that our leftarded judiciary buys  this are good.

The question then is how wise we are to import people not just so ignorant about Australia, but so tolerant of grown men marrying girls just 13:

FORCED marriages of underage girls might be commonplace in certain communities in Sydney, according to the NSW Minister for Community Services, Pru Goward, who spoke yesterday following the arrest of a 26-year-old man charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl… (rest below the fold)

The bloke arrested yesterday with a 13 year old “wife” believes he has done nothing wrong, he believes WE are wrong and strangely, so does his “wife”. Both will always believe that!  Islam brandishes its endemic pedophilia  as a badge of honour, but we try desperately to protect our children from sexual abuse while turning our backs on the Islamic outrage rather than risk the “racist” label. (Pickering, more below the fold…)

I hope that this arrest and prosecution will be the first of many, and that it will be made quite, quite plain to the mohammedan mobsters in Australia that our laws will be enforced, to the letter; that any mohammedan who flouts our laws, whether in the little matter of men “wedding” and subsequently bedding little, little girls half their age (and how much choice did the girl have in the matter?), or in other matters also, such as the maintaining of two or three or four “wives'”at once (in contravention of our laws, which say that you may only have one at a time), or FGM, or beating of wives, or “honor” murders attempted or threatened or committed, or threats to kill or attempts to kill “blasphemers” and apostates, or the sexual abuse of non-Muslim girls whether of age or underage, or any other sharia-approved practices that the mob may feel inclined to try, will find the Infidel Law pursuing them and coming down on their ugly heads like a ton of bricks.

But now, back to our child-raping mohammedan, as reported by the ABC just now.

“Sex Crime Charges laid against man ‘married’ to 13 y o girl”.

Dear Auntie: thank you for placing that word “married” in quotes.  For this is not a marriage as we account it.  It is child abuse. – CM

“A Sydney man (sic: “a Sydney-resident Muslim man” – CM) has been refused bail after being charged over a live-in sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

“The pair were living together in Sydney’s west.

In Sydney’s west, where two suburbs – Lakemba and Auburn – are heavily Islamised, to the point where more than half the population of said suburbs is Muslim.  Other suburbs are heading in the same direction. – CM

‘Police sources say the 26 year old man and the girl were married in an Islamic religious ceremony in the Hunter region last month.

The ABC actually uses the I-word, three sentences in (after coyly refusing to use either the M word or the I word in the headline).  In a mosque?  If so, I’d like to know which one.  If in a mosque, I hope that the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad is investigating it, and its imam, and everyone associated with it.- CM

‘The marriage has no legal standing in Australia because of the girl’s age.

It should therefore be annulled. -  CM

‘The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons (???- CM) allegedly met the girl in the Hunter region (north of Sydney, around Newcastle; it appears that the mohammedan mob is now establishing outposts beyond its Sydney base – CM)  last year and began an ongoing sexual relationship with her.’

‘They then moved in together in Sydney.

I’d like to know exactly how much choice the girl had in all this.  They ‘met’. The man ‘began an ongoing sexual relationship’. They ‘moved in together’.  It’s being represented as if it were a consensual affair.  Which I don’t believe for a minute. My guess is that her parents told her: you are marrying this man, and you will marry this man, or else. –  CM

‘A nearby high school contacted police recently when the man, a Lebanese national, tried to enrol the girl.

At thirteen, she would be going into either the first or second year of High School.  Kudos to the school for picking up that there was something sus going on, and for quietly notifying the police.  – CM

‘Detectives from the state’s Child Abuse Squad arrested the man yesterday.

Excellent!  - CM

He was then charged with 25 separate counts of having sexual intercourse with a child aged between 10 and 14 years.

Good. Throw the book at the bastard. - CM

The man needed an interpreter when he faced Burwood Local Court today, where bail was refused.

I wonder just how long this creep has been in the country?  A “Lebanese national”, eh?  Hasn’t got Australian citizenship.  I wouldn’t mind betting that this “marriage” – presumably the girl holds Aussie citizenship – was intended to fast-track and facilitate his acquisition of citizenship. But seeing as he isn’t an Aussie citizen, that should simplify matters: charge him, put him in jug, and then, sentence served: DEPORT HIM.  Give him the boot.  End of.  And an object lesson to mohammedan mobsters all over Australia: try this sort of garbage, and you. will. be. dealt. with.  – CM

‘The Child Abuse Squad says its investigations into the case are continuing.

“Police have questioned the girl’s parents and believe they had a hand in arranging the marriage.

Of course they did.  They would have seen nothing wrong with it at all.  Indeed, from the Mohammedan POV, the girl was well over age: after all, according to the canonical Sira and the most authoritative Hadith collections, little Aisha was only six when 50-plus Mohammed contracted to “marry” her, and nine – probably in lunar reckoning – when he bedded her.  And whatever Mohammed did is valid for all time, to be admired and imitated by all pious mohammedans; hence the widespread practice of child “marriage’ by members of the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob.– CM

“Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans says it is a disturbing situation.

“It’s really, really unusual”, he said.

Probably not so unusual as you think, given that there are at least 600 000 Mohammedan mobsters living in Australia.  This case just happens to have come to your attention; there are probably many others that have been and are being successfully covered up by the Ummah, or Mob. – CM

“We do have sexual assaults of minors,..but this type of situation where it is almost (no “almost” about it, mate – CM) sanctioned by a family, if that ends up being the case, is a very very unusual set of circumstances to happen within NSW”.

‘But the NSW Minister for Family and Community services, Pru Goward, says it is not an isolated case.

There are actually a significant number of unlawful, unregistered marriages to underage girls in NSW, particularly in south-west Sydney, western Sydney and the Blue Mountains”, she said.”

And all those areas are the areas most heavily colonised by Mohammedans.  I would bet that all or most of those “marriages” of adult men to underaged girls in Sydney or anywhere else in NSW are taking place within the Mohammedan Mob.  

I have already stated that I believe that, after the man in this case has been tried, and convicted, and served his sentence, he should be deported from Australia forthwith.  

And if we knew what we were doing, every member of the girl’s extended family resident in Australia – all of whom were undoubtedly complicit in this “marriage” of an adult man to a child, since they would all have known about it, and not one of them thought to mention it to Australian law enforcement – would be rounded up and charged with being accessories to the crime; and in a sane world, the whole kith and kaboodle would be stripped of their Australian citizenship and sent packing, back to Lebanon or Pakistan or wherever it is they came from.  

The girl could stay till she turned eighteen, and would ideally be given counselling, and encouraged to consider options other than Mohammedanism; but if at age eighteen she insisted on remaining a Mohammedan, then shewould have to go, too. 

Memo to Australian government and law enforcement: if there were no Mohammedans in Australia, we wouldn’t be having to rescue 13 year olds (and there are probably girls even younger, in the same situation) from forced “marriages”.  And the more Mohammedans we have, the more of these ugly cases there will be – and the more “honor” murders, and FGM cases, and other nastiness, we will also have, not to mention the multiplying jihad plots that now have to be so expensively and anxiously guarded against.  So how’s about we put a stop to all further entry of Mohammedans into Australia? When in hole, stop digging. – CM



Police claim the man and child were married in a religious ceremony last month. Appearing in court yesterday speaking through an Arabic-language interpreter, he made no application for bail, which was formally refused…

Eman Sharobeem from the Immigrant Women’s Health Service …  said new-immigrant communities were often ignorant of local laws and customs.

What other “local laws and customs” as fundamental as these are they ignorant of and likely to breach?

Oh, and why this coyness about “certain communities”? Why no mention in the report of Islam?

Pickering continued:

So, what’s new? Most already know the wife of Mohammed himself was a 6 year-old girl, A’isha…(nice, eh?) Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310: A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: “Allah’s apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old and I was admitted to his house (that means bonked) when I was nine years old.”Religion is about the power of numbers. Islam demands the ovarian cycle must be used to its maximum and at the earliest possible age. Catholicism merely bans condoms, but both edicts are designed to have the same effect… an increase in numbers!

Cannot one appreciate the incompatibility of the weak, compliant Christian to the person born to Islam? Congregational reinforcement is the reason there is still a Flat Earth Society.

If your parents tell you, when you are young, that the colour red is actually blue or the World is actually flat, you will believe everyone else is wrong. You will have no choice but to believe your parents. This is the power of religious indoctrination of a child.

Christian “christening” is performed before the child has developed the art of choice or the power of reason. And this is where Muslim bigots have an omnipotent advantage:

They believe every person on earth was already born a Muslim. They skip the christening bullshit. They (and they believe everyone else) are BORN a Muslim.

Therefore their base culture demands the total destruction of non-believers. The non-believers are dangerous apostates likely to convert others to their evils and must be eradicated at all cost.

This is what they are taught from birth and this is what they believe with a passion that has no equal.

Everyone who does not practise Islam is a heretic who has already denounced Allah. Everyone who is not a practising Muslim is an enemy of the faith by virtue of being born.

The congregational togetherness (mosque) is designed to reinforce the disgusting policies of inhumanity toward anyone who is of a different faith. Christianity uses its congregational churches in the same way. There are many fiercely competitive Christian churches but there is only one Islamic mosque… can you see why we are losing?

The Islamic preoccupation with decapitation is also clear! If you don’t believe what I believe, my prophet’s command is to behead you, that is my scriptural command. I am commanded by Allah and the Prophet Mohammed to do this! I cannot disobey, I am Muslim!

The Koran teaches:
Koran, Sura 8:12 reads: “I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips.”

Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse): “When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly.”

It is written: The practice of beheading non-Muslim captives extends back to the Prophet himself:

Ibn Ishaq (d. 768 C.E.), the earliest biographer of Mohammad, is recorded as saying that the Prophet ordered the execution by decapitation of 700 men of the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe in Medina for allegedly plotting against him.

Islamic leaders from Mohammad’s time until today have followed his model. Examples of decapitation, of both the living and the dead, in Islamic history are myriad:

Yusuf b. Tashfin (d. 1106) led the Al-Murabit (Almoravid) Empire to conquer from western Sahara to central Spain. After the battle of Zallaqa in 1086, he had 24,000 corpses of the defeated Castilians beheaded:

“…and piled them up to make a sort of minaret for the Muezzins who, standing on the piles of headless cadavers, sang the praises of Allah.

“He then had the detached heads sent to all the major cities of North Africa and Spain as an example of Christian impotence. The Al-Murabits were conquered the following century by the Al-Muwahhids, under whose rule Castilian Christian enemies were beheaded after any lost battle.”

Islam is the only World religion (if religion is the correct word) that is cited by both State and non-State bodies to legitimise beheadings.

Islam pervades every corner of the Islamic State: It IS the judiciary, it IS the government, it IS the penal system, it IS the education department, it IS the armed forces.

There is no separation we demand, but don’t actually get, from our State. [Our Constitution demands separation of Church and State, yet surprise surprise, we open Parliament with prayers.]

Two major aspects of decapitation in an Islamic context should be noted: First, the practice has both Koranic and historical sanction… it is not the product of a fabricated tradition.

Second, in contradiction to the assertions of apologists of Islam, these beheadings are not simply a brutal method of drawing attention to the Islamic political agenda. Nor are they merely designed to weaken opponents’ will to fight.

The infamous (now dead, thank god) Zarqawi and other Islamic bigots regularly practised decapitation of infidels for the TV cameras.

Islam is anything but a “religion of peace”. It is a way of life, a barbaric, base culture born of Mongolian inspired historic violence and inhumanity toward non-believers, and women.

When will we recognise (as Europe now rues) that our culture of religious tolerance is not remotely a part of their agenda?

Even the Islamic apostate, provided he is pronounced sane, must be executed (beheaded) under Koranic law. The implication of course is that one must be certified as insane to reject Islam and therefore can justifiably retain his mixed up head.

The terms “extremist” and “fundamentalist” are misnomers of the weak apologists for Islam. There are no extremists, they don’t exist… just faithful, obedient, adherents to the one blind Islamic faith.

There are those who actively play for Collingwood and those who blindly barrack for Collingwood, both pray Collingwood wins.

Certainly there are the more outrageous activists but note the non-activist’s passive lack of protest when atrocities occur! They silently high-five each other behind closed doors so as not to offend the neighbours.

The people next door who you would borrow a cup of sugar from (as the 9/11 bombers were described to be) have been ordered by Allah to kill you.

It’s not important who’s right and who’s wrong. What is important in this theistic World War is an incompatibility of minds; minds that can never be aligned. One mind cannot be compromised, the other can… and the one that can is the certain loser.

“I fight to live!” sayeth the Christian.

“I fight to die!” sayeth the Muslim, “… it is therefore a war that I can never lose.”

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  1. In The Weekend Australian, the article referred to above, did NOT ONCE mention the words “Muslim” or “Islam” or “Mosque” in the story. Furthermore, it suggested that the perpetrator’s name could not be mentioned “for legal reasons”. I absolutely agree – BANG HIM UP FOR THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE and then DEPORT HIM (and the poor girl’s extended family as well!

  2. Australian Member of Parliament cries

    RYDE MP Victor Dominello told us in a powerful interview that he wept when he heard the news that a 12-year-old girl had been forced to marry.

    RYDE state Liberal MP Victor Dominello said he “shed a tear” when he learnt sickening news about two NSW girls; a 14-year-old allegedly pack-raped in a Doonside park by African males and the marriage of a 12-year-old girl to a 26-year-old Lebanese man.

    “Marriage to a child is offensive to the extreme,” Mr Dominello said. “It’s barbaric and anyone who thinks it’s acceptable for a 12-year-old to marry an adult has no concept of Australian laws and values.”
    He said multiculturalism added texture to Australia’s social fabric but prejudicial or hateful attitudes towards women needed to be “left at the door”.
    “We often talk about the value of diversity but there is one thing more valuable than multiculturalism and that is our unity — and the thing that unifies us is our laws.”
    He said the centenary of ANZAC commemorations this year provided a good platform to reflect on where Australia was heading.
    “We will hopefully have the chance to do some soul searching out of respect for those who gave their lives so we are able to enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have,” he said.
    “Our national culture used to be defined as a land of football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars, but in 20 years I would like our Australian nation to lead the world in the way its culture respects women and children.
    “I don’t care if you are an Irish or Italian Catholic priest or a Lebanese Muslim cleric, in this country you do not violate children or harm women.”
    Wednesday February 26 2014

  3. All of u peoples minds are messed up u don’t understand anything about me i have the right to marry who ever i want even if i am 13 u dont know me so keep ur mouths shut and i was not forced to marry this man i made this choice and my dad was not happy with it but in the end all my dad wanted to do was make his daughter happy

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