Basic Car Bombing Course Postponed

Hugh Fitzgerald
The Registrar’s Office at Al-Sunna University (Samarra campus) regrets to announce that due to a sudden insufficiency of students, the first-year course on Basic Car Bombing (Spring Term, Prof. Hazmat Al-Masjid) will not be offered.The Registrar’s Office apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused, wishes to assure students that a suitable replacement for Prof. Al-Masjid will quickly be found, and urges those interested to sign up now for the course covering the same material that will be offered in the Summer Term.
“All right, students, and now at this point, you press the detonator button, like this. And be sure as you do so to shout ‘Allahu ak–’” Are the teacher and his students still eligible for virgins? Fatwas will have to be issued.–Continue Reading »
myths-terror-300x200An al-Qaeda instructor killed himself and 20 of his pupils when he accidentally set off a car bomb during a bungled training session in Iraq. The explosion took place at an insurgents’ camp near the town of Samarra, 60 miles north-west of Baghdad.  From the Telegraph/thanks to Esmeralda

We’re all Africans now!

Why did the Herald censor its reporter? (Andrew Bolt)

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday passed on appeals from police for help in identifying six men who allegedly packed-raped a 14-year-old girl in a park, but omitted the men’s most identifiable feature.

Do not blame the reporter, Emma Partridge:


No way Hose? (sic)

Malaysia wants to be a secular and liberal nation by 2020? No way Hose, not while I’m still alive and ISMA still exists with its thousands strong members fighting against this and God willing, Allah will not allow this to happen as long as there are Muslim organisations or ‘jemaah’ protecting and guarding Islam and upholding Syariah laws making sure it survives the test of time.

Malays are the dominant race and Islam is the religion of the Constitution. We will not allow Islam to be compromised or be tampered with in the name of pluralism and diversity. 

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