Child Marriage

Christina McIntosh fisks the latest reports on child marriage in Australia.
Imam Riaz Tasawar, who married a 12-year-old girl and 26-year-old man. Claims that he has been “dismissed by mosque elders.’ are laughable. The Muslims will stand with him through thick and thin.

This particular Mohammedan gang boss hails from Pakistan (surprise, surprise).  Also unsurprisingly, his mosque has rushed to throw him under the bus, and the rest of the Ummah colony in Australia is in full-on damage control mode, spinning like mad.

We’ll begin with the first ABC report, since it contains some sensible words from the NSW premier, and even (for once) has the dreaded M-word in the headline.

“Muslim cleric charged over ‘marriage’ of 13 year old girl.

“The 35 year old was arrested outside Parramatta Police Station yesterday afternoon. The cleric, from the Hunter region, has been charged with solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person.  He has been released on strict bail conditions, and is due to appear in Parramatta Local Court in April….

“Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans from the Child Abuse Squad said after today’s arrest that more charges may be laid in the months ahead.  “We’re still investigating the matter, it’s only early days. We only received the allegation on, I think it was last Thursday”, he said.  “But there may be other persons charged or even further charges in relation to people who have already been charged in relation to this.”

You’ve got hold of a loose end of string, Det.Insp. Yeomans. Pull on it, and keep pulling, and see what else you drag up out of the murky depths. And, a word of advice: Muslims lie.  They lie like rugs. They lie, especially, in order to protect Islam, and the beliefs, practices and goals of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, from Infidel scrutiny. So, whoever you interrogate: be deeply sceptical.  Another thing you must bear in mind is this: normative Islam approves of child ‘marriage’, because Mohammed defines Muslim ‘morality’, and Mohammed contracted a ‘marriage’ with a girl of six (or, rather, bought her from her father), and took her to his bed when she turned nine.  Do not believe any smiling Muslim who, pretending to be shocked! shocked!, claims that ‘marriages’ like this one are not Islamic. – CM

‘New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell has praised police for charging the cleric over the marriage.

“I’m delighted charges have been laid against the celebrant who allegedly solemnized this wedding that was clearly illegal”, he said.

“We have rules in this country, in this state, about those who celebrate marriages, whether they are religious celebrants, or civil celebrants.  Those rules say that people have to be over the age of 18 unless a court has specified otherwise.

And what is meant by that “unless a court has specified otherwise”, is that a 17 year old girl may marry by her own free choice if her parents or guardians consent.  I have a cousin who married at the age of 17.  A 15 year old would not be legally allowed to marry.

Now for the follow-up report – from Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop and Danuta Kozaki – in which we discover the name of the Imam and the location of the mosque.

“Police are hoping to charge more people over the marriage of a 12 year old NSW girl.”

She was 12 at the time of the ‘marriage’, or, more correctly, the transfer of a piece of tilth from one owner (the father) to another owner (the ‘husband’). – CM

‘Police are hoping to charge more people over the marriage of a 12 year old girl in the Hunter region.

A Muslim cleric, Riaz Tasawar, who was until recently the imam at the Mayfield mosque in Newcastle [north of Sydney – CM], has been arrested over the illegal union.

I observed, by the by, when googling up the assorted accounts of this story, that it has hit the headlines in places as far away as Lebanon.  Aussie kuffar daring to arrest a mohammedan mob gang boss and charge him with breaking infidel laws about marriage, is creating a few shockwaves. – CM

‘The imam is accused of conducting the marriage of a girl who is now 13 to a 26 year old man last month.

“He has been granted bail (better watch the airports in case he tries to flit – CM) to face court in April on a charge of solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person.

‘The illegal union was sanctioned by the girl’s father.

Of course it was.  ‘Marriage’ to a girl of 12 is perfectly sharia-compliant; Aisha, to repeat, was nine when Mohammed bedded her. – CM

‘It is understood police are considering whether they can charge him.

Why not? – CM

‘Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas says police need to get legal advice before they can make more arrests.

Arrests, eh.  Arresting and charging the father, would be ‘arrest’.  It appears, therefore, that there may be others of the Mohammedan Mob who were involved in this pimping and sale of a barely-pubescent girl. – CM

“The investigation is nowhere near finished.  Any further charges that can be laid will be laid, possibly subject to legal advice” , he said.

‘The 26 year old who married (sic – CM) the girl, is in custody on child sex charges.  He is planning to apply for bail in court tomorrow.

I wouldn’t give him bail.  He’s very likely to try to flit, back home to ruined-by-Islam Lebanon.  He committed a crime here in Australia, after having come here ostensibly to ‘study’; he can be tried, and sentenced, and made to serve out his sentence, together with the officiating imam and pimping father; and then he can be given the boot, back to ruined-by-Islam Lebanon, where he belongs. – CM

‘The Islamic Centre of Newcastle has distanced itself from the former imam.

Yup, throwing him under the bus.  We see this every time; a mohammedan attached to a mosque does something that the sharia approves and prescribes, but that kuffar law disapproves and forbids, the mohammedan gets arrested; the mosque pretends they never knew them. – CM

In a statement it says it had no knowledge of and did not give permission for the illegal marriage.

Do I believe them? No. I hope that the police don’t believe them, either.  Every lead should be pursued.  Every person associated with this mosque should be scrutinised; and it should not be assumed, by the police, that this girl is the first or the only victim.  My first assumption is this: that everyone at this mosque is lying through their teeth, to protect Islam.  They know that once a majority of Aussies find out that the ‘marital’ rape of barely pubescent (or even of prepubescent) girls is deemed A-OK by the sharia of Islam, and is permanently established as a Good Thing To Do by Mohammed’s own practice as enshrined in the canonical Sira and Hadith, the average infidel Aussie is going to be completely disgusted, even infuriated, and that this will make dawa a whole lot more difficult. – CM

‘It says “What is most important at this point is for police to conclude their investigation and arrest all those responsible”.

‘The Centre says it is assisting police with their investigation”.

I’ll bet it is…Dear NSW Police: some of you, by now, such as the gentlemen in the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, have had some little experience up close and personal with Muslim ways, such as their habit of lying up hill and down dale.  Do not expect to be ‘assisted’ either willingly or sincerely.  Begin with the assumption that you will encounter every species of deception, evasion, denial, confusion and plain old stonewalling ever encountered in the history of law enforcement in NSW. 

And now, for a few more wrinkles in the case, we proceed to the coverage provided by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Leila Partridge and her Muslim ‘minder’, Leila Abdallah (so often, these days, in the case of stories to do with the mohammedan mob, the byline will involve one clearly-Infidel name and one name of patently Islamic flavour.).

‘Child Bride’s Marriage Was Permitted by Father, Say Police’.

‘The father of [a] 12 year old girl gave his blessing for her to be “married” to a Lebanese (that is: a Lebanese MUSLIM – CM) university student in the Hunter region earlier this year, police will allege.

‘Detectives investigating the case said the father was “shocked” that his daughter’s 26 year old husband (sic: male owner – CM) was arrested and charged with more than two dozen child sex offences last week.

Who is this mohammedan father-pimp?  He sure as hell ought to know that in Australia the law does not permit 12 year old girls to be wedded and bedded.  If he doesn’t, so what? – ignorance is no excuse. – CM

Child abuse squad detectives spent much of Thursday and Friday interviewing the victim’s father and allege he does not believe there was anything wrong with the pair’s union.

Of course he doesn’t.  He’s a Mohammedan. Aisha, Aisha, Aisha, Aisha; the model for all mohammedan child brides, for 1400 years. – CM

“He is shocked” a detective said.

‘Charges have not been laid against the father at this stage’.

Why not?  Arrest him.  Charge him with selling a child for immoral purposes.  Because that’s what, under our laws, he did. – CM

‘Police will allege the girlw as married to the accused during an Islamic ceremony in her father’s backyard.

This is different from the original report which said she was married in a mosque.  I would like to know who told the police it was in a mosque, and who told the police it was in the backyard.  If both sources are Muslim, it’s anyone’s guess which is correct.  In any case: in an Islamic ‘marriage’ the female chattel being transferred from one owner to another does not in fact have to be present when the transfer is performed. – CM

‘But detectives say their union was not official.

Official’ with whom? Australian authorities, or the Mohammedan mob?  If the police have been told that the rest of the Mob did not approve of it or know about it, I hope the police are taking that assertion with a large tablespoon of salt, and investigating further, anyway. – CM

‘The child bride then moved to south-west Sydney (to heavily-Islamised south-west Sydney – CM) with her “husband”, after they were given permission by the girl’s father.

And now we see the Mohammedan Mob in Australia in full-on damage control mode. – CM

‘Muslim leaders have expressed their concern at the so-called marriage and the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, said it should be “rejected and condemned from a legal and ethical perspective”.

But not, note well, from a religious perspective.  The Grand Mufti needs to be publicly asked some very pointed questions about Mohammed and Aisha – with the relevant passages of the Sira and the Bukhari Hadith quoted at him, in full – and about the multiple modern – and documented – statements by Muslim clerics, in many different countries, justifying the marriage of adult males to girls as young as Aisha was, or younger. – CM

‘Dr Ibrahim said the matter should be dealt with by the proper authorities as with any other crime.

Whatever you do, don’t associate this marital rape of a twelve -year-old, with Islam and the sharia of Islam!. – CM

‘Muslim Women’s Association executive officer Maha Abdo said, “there is no religious leader, imam or scholar in Australia that we work with (note the weaselly phrase, ‘that we work with’ - CM) that would conduct an Islamic wedding ceremony that involved an under-age child.”

Ah yes. Define ‘under-age’, milady Muslimah. Do you mean ‘under-age’ as defined by Australian law, or do you in fact mean under-age as in ‘under nine years old’? – CM

Ms Abdo said they were concerned by further reports that this was a prevalent, secretive practice among Muslim communities.

Cat’s out of the bag, eh? – CM

“There is nothing to hide here.  This sort of behaviour is against Australian law (nota bene: she does not say, “against Islamic law” – CM) and the Muslim community does not encourage or condone such a union”.

Not while the surrounding Infidels are still too numerous, vigilant and suspicious. – CM

“We, as Australian Muslim women, like the rest of Australia, are deeply concerned for the welfare of the young girl”.

Define what you mean by welfare, Ms Muslimah.  Be precise. Because I’m not sure that you necessarily mean what the average infidel Aussie means by ‘welfare’ in this case.

And now cue that disgraceful individual the infinitely-slithery antisemite and general infidel-hater, Keysar Trad, who ought not be gone to by any Australian non-Muslim reporter for an opinion about anything. – CM

‘Keysar Trad, the founder of the Islamic Friendship Society, said, “We are shocked that such things could occur in Australia.  No licensed celebrant is allowed to conduct a marriage of this nature as it goes against all Islamic teachings.”

No celebrant licensed by the Australian authorities, anyway. But then the Mohammedan Mob regards itself as being above and outside of all kuffar law, anyway; what’s to stop them having a ‘second string’ of alternative celebrants who are fully recognised by the Ummah but who do not bother to seek an Australian licence?  As for “it goes against all Islamic teachings”…ROFLMAO.  Pull the other leg, Mr Trad, it’s got bells on.  I know and you know, Mr Trad, how old Aisha was when Mohammed deflowered her.  She was nine…in lunar years.  The Islamic texts do not condemn it; they approve it.  And you know, and I know, Surah 65.3 in the Quran, which discusses the waiting period, after divorce, that must be observed by women who have either passed menopause or have not yet menstruated (and the standard tafsirs make it quite clear that the verse has in mind girls who have been wedded, and bedded, and divorced, all before achieving their first period). – CM

Samir Dandan, the president of the Lebanese Muslim Association, said such incidents occurred within other faiths, not just Islam.

Boilerplate tu quoque.  And avoiding the awkward fact that no other faith – not Buddhism, not Hinduism, not Christianity, not Judaims – holds up as a sacralised example of conduct for all time, a man of 50-plus in bed with a ‘bride’ of nine. – CM

“Communities across all faiths should collaborate alongside the government to ensure such incidents do not occur in Australia”.

Fine. The Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Sikhs and the Buddhists – none of whom has, to my knowledge, ever had a religious leader arrested for officiating at the marriage of a twelve-year-old to a man twice her age – will certainly keep a beady eye upon their mohammedan next-door neighbours; our daughters will keep an eye on their mohammedan girl classmates in school, watching for and reporting sudden disappearances, or changes in behaviour  and signs of distress, especially after sudden “holidays” abroad or interstate.  Schoolteachers, too, would be advised to be on the watch.  – CM

‘Police arrested the 26 year old on Thursday…

“The accused had been living in Australia on a student visa and attending university.  It is understood he had no ties with the town he was living in, but met the under-age victim through a local mosque…

How ‘through a local mosque’?  Was he given her name, as a good buy?  Somehow I don’t think he met her in the same way as, say, a Jew or Christian or Hindu might espy a pretty girl among the crowd when attending a ceremony at a place of worship.  Mosques are sex-segregated.  It’s much more likely he met her father or other male relative. – CM

‘Police say they do not believe the girl’s mother had any knowledge of the ‘marriage’ or that her daughter had moved to Sydney with a 26 year old man.

It is understood the girl’s father and mother are separated.’

Is the mother a Muslim or a non-Muslim? – CM

There’s a bit more about the imam here:

“Imam charged over child ‘wedding'”

“A Muslim cleric has been charged with allegedly performing an Islamic wedding ceremony for a child bride and an adult man.

“A 35 year old imam, reportedly Pakistan-born, was arrested..”.

“The man, from Mayfield, was granted strict conditional bail..”.

And here:

‘Hearing set for imam alleged to have officiated over wedding of child bride’.”

‘An imam accused of conducting the illegal marriage of a 12 year old girl has been granted conditional bail as police decide whether to lay charges against the child bride’s father..

“Police will allege the imam conducted the Islamic ceremony after he was approached by a Lebanese man who was visiting Australia.

“The victim’s father consented to the marriage and allowed the ceremony to take place in his home on January 12…

Police said they believed the imam had been associated with an Islamic centre and mosque in the Hunter region “on and off” since 2009.

It is understood the imam made frequent trips from Australia to Pakistan during this time…

Put him through the wringer. Who knows what else he’s been getting up to?  Frankly, my instinct would be to deport him (after first giving him some jail time, just to make the point).

It seems his mosque can’t get rid of him fast enough, now he’s getting Islam and Muslims some unwanted publicity.

‘Imam charged with overseeing the ‘marriage’ between 12 year old girl and man, 26, is dismissed by mosque elders.’

‘The Pakistani imam charged with conducting the alleged “marriage” of a 12 year old girl to a 26 year old man has been sacked from his mosque, an Islamic leader said.

“Police arrested Riaz Tasawar, 35, on Monday..

“He was interviewed by police before becoming the first person in NSW charged with the solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person since Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research records began in 1994.

Which makes nonsense of the airy claim by Samir Dandan, in one of the reports I have already discussed, that “such incidents occurred within other faiths, not just Islam.”  No-one else has been busted for this, in twenty years, in NSW, except an imam. – CM

‘The offence carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine, or six months’ jail.

Quite probably the Muslims organising the ‘marriage’ knew this, and were not particularly deterred.  The deportation of the imam would act as a rather stronger deterrent.  - CM

‘Police alleged Tasawar was the imam who proceeded [sic: ‘presided’ is I think what was meant; ah, the curse of the spell checker, creating malapropisms in every newspaper report  – CM] over the “marriage” in the living room of the girl’s family home in the Hunter region on January 12.

Tasawar had been the resident imam of a mosque in the region for the past four years, but allegedly conducted the marriage in secret, without telling anyone from the mosque’s governing body, the Islamic Centre of Newcastle.

Suuuuuure he didn’t.  Seriously, I just don’t believe this. Not for a minute. – CM

‘The centre’s president, who declined to be named, said while Tasawar remained  “innocent until proven guilty”, his employment was terminated immediately.

Damage control. – CM

‘Pakistan-born Tasawar was in Australia on an employment visa sponsored by the centre, which the Daily Telegraph understands is drafting a letter to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection over the matter.

If they can somehow shift the blame onto the dirty kuffar, they will. However: what matters here, is that this imam has neither citizenship nor, it appears, permanent residency. Therefore, booting his wretched backside all the way back to Pakistan, once he’s done his six months in jail or paid his fine, should be no problem at all. Out with him! – CM

‘Tasawar was bailed to appear in court on April 2.

I wonder whether he’ll try to flit? My advice to the cops – keep an eye on all Aussie airports.  – CM

‘It comes as the girl’s Muslim convert father threw his support behind her “husband”…

Convert, eh?  Her father’s a convert?  Hmm.  Where, and when and as a result of dawa by whom, did this pimping bastard become a Muslim?   Further question: is his former wife a Muslim, or not?  And again: does the daughter consider herself a Muslim, or not? – did her father convert before, or after, she was born?  – CM

‘He [the father – CM] said the only way a couple could be together – in the eyes of Allah – were if they were married and he respected his daughter’s “husband” for not pursuing a relationship behind his back.

“They were in love, they were devoted to each other”, he said.

Oh, really?  This story just keeps on getting creepier.  A barely-pubescent twelve-year-old in lerv with a man twice her age? And even if she did have a crush on the guy why the rush to push her into bed?  Why not advise her to wait till she had finished high school, and until the guy had finished Uni and got a paying job?

This guy isn’t a father, he’s a pimp, pandering to a pedophile.  

If, when I was twelve years of age, or thirteen, or fourteen, or fifteen, or even the just-legal sixteen, a 26 year old strange male had come sniffing around me with obvious sexual intentions, my father – even if I had shown signs of having some sort of girlish crush on the male concerned – would have gotten out his shotgun – and the implements with which bull calves are deprived of their masculinity – and made menacing noises and gestures in said male’s general direction.  There’s no way he’d have just handed me over to the wolf with a wink and a nudge, as this zealous new mohammedan did to his poor little girl.

It’s a pity that, right now, Australian law does not provide for stripping the girl’s convert-to-Islam father of his Aussie citizenship and, in due time, packing him onto the same Pakistan-bound plane as the imam…or onto the same Lebanon-bound plane as the man to whom he sold his daughter.- CM