Good news: Indonesia won't go to war over boats with Australia

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Leftards are fuming:

Shock. Abbott does not provoke a war over the boats

Over the last week or so, the Indonesians have clearly wound down their rhetoric and response, seemingly for three key reasons. One, the response is incident-driven; if there are no boats, there are no incidents. Two, the Indonesians recognise that it is in their interests if the boat trade stops, even if they disagree with how the Abbott government is stopping it. Three, the Abbott government’s steadiness of policy here has made it clear that complaining about the policy won’t have any effect.

Meanwhile, our leftist elitists throw hissy fits. These people are insane. Lefties should never hold the reigns of power. They must never be allowed to influence politics in any way.

It gets worse by the day:

Media Watch admits ABC wrong on “torture” story. Slams ABC’s critics

When caught, criticise your critics…. these wankers are shameless party hacks.

Shorten defends rotten unions from a royal commission

Of course he does. He is one of them. Beavis Butthead (Shorten) is the face of union corruption.

Demon possessed wizards and witches

This man was once paid by us to help the “design and implementation of Australia’s renewable energy and climate change policies”.-Voldemort was a climate sceptic. Abbott, too

Gillian Triggs accepts criticism?

Gillian Triggs said she accepted criticism that the timing of the commission’s current inquiry, announced yesterday, was off by about “two or three years”—but blamed her predecessor and the election year for the delay.

Realising its timing was off by about “two or three years”, the commission should have called off this new inquiry. Lives are being saved and the detention centres emptied by Abbott.

Sounds like partisan politics again from the Human Rights Commissions, thinking our rights are more endangered by conservatives.

Gillian Triggs hates free speech and uses children for her twisted agenda. She is a Stalinist hack in the service of Arab Muslims. She should be investigated for subversion.

How the odds are stacked against free enterprise and conservatives

 The vast state-owned ABC can do what no private media company may. Private newspaper publishers are banned from doing what the ABC now in reality does:  they may not simultaneously hold “a commercial television broadcasting licence and a newspaper associated with that licence area”, or “a commercial radio broadcasting licence and newspaper associated with that licence area”.

The ABC will grow ever more dominant. Such a state-run behemoth is a danger in a democracy. Even at its most benign, when such a big player is so closed-shop Left it will stifle debate.