How to "break cycles of violence" and other problems from hell

U.N. rights envoy likens Israeli actions to apartheid


Richard Falk said that Palestinian rights are being violated by Israel’s prolonged occupation of Palestinian territory and “ethnic cleansing” of East Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State

There is a country in the Middle East where 10 percent of the population is denied equal rights because of their race, where black men are not allowed tohold many government positions, where black women are put on trial for witchcraft and where the custody of children is granted to the parent with the most “racially superior” bloodline.

This Apartheid State is so enormously powerful that it controls American foreign policy in the Middle East even as its princes and princesses bring their slaves to the United Kingdom and the United States.

That country is Saudi Arabia. (Daniel Greenfield has more)

Israel to evict 40 illegal Palestinian Arab settlers families in Eizariya

According to one of the residents, the Bedouin families have been living in Jabal Baba since they were displaced from their villages in 1948 when Israel was established.


Paki Taliban commander shot dead in Waziristan

Once great Britain: The sword of Mohammed Bukhari

Kidnapping & Beheading of a Jewish Journo is “Cycle of Violence?”


UN Ambassador Samantha Power: “Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence”

Here, from The Blaze, is both her offending Tweet and comments on the Tweetie-bird.

Here, with husband (fellow commie Cass Sunstein) from hell. The only truth she ever told is that Shrillary is a monster.


Hellishly shallow, diabolically uncomprehending, a menace to the very people she presumes to, indeed has a duty to, protect, like all those in positions of authority who simply will not examine, do not dare to examine, the texts and teachings of Islam, and to allow themselves to understand that Muslims take this stuff to heart, and act on it — though every day, in every way, the evidence all over the world, in every time zone, piles up and up and up. Samantha Power is a problem from hell. All those in the political and media elites who keep allowing themselves to believe that what is in the Qur’an and Hadith and Sira don’t really matter — they are all of them, collectively, for those of us who have better informed ourselves and regard with alarm and fury what they think and what they say — A Problem From Hell. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

2 thoughts on “How to "break cycles of violence" and other problems from hell”

  1. Dear Samantha Power and her husband Cass Sunstein….
    All Assisters/Enablers of Islam – guilty of Terrorism Treason and Sedition ARE required to serve lawfully applied periods of incarceration for these crimes against their non-muslim Homelands/Motherlands.

    ‘Ignorance’ by non-muslim (including Public Figures) about what Islam commands its muslim do against non-muslims – can no longer be tolerated – many of these non-muslim who choose to be wilful deniers and remain blissfully ignorant do so at their own peril.

    Then – Assisters/Enablers of Islam completing their periods of incarceration for their crimes ARE then required to join their previously deported muslim crime gangs in The Arabian Peninsular !!!!

    Muslims Voluntarily removing themselves from their HOST Countries – is very much appreciated – return to you nearest Islamic State (preferably The Arabian Peninsular) – QUICKLY – for our good !!!!

  2. Folks,
    What the lady said can be interpreted in another positive way and that is as a hint to muslims that they must accept indivudual accountability and that they must seek genuine reconciliation with others. But this, of course, is a pipe dream, and as long as muslims remain (as a group) of significantly lower IQ and under the “spell” of the book from hell called the quran and the dribble that is called the hadiths the situation will not change. It is not helped that the majority of muslims are not capable of reading the rubbish that is in the quran and interpreting it for themsleves – they remain victims of arab colonization!! However it is hard to have any sympathy for these arabs and their sympathizers when one see the damage for which they have been responsible for.

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