"Islam preaches responsible freedom of expression."


You must have heard:

Award winning Jewish author Phyllis Chesler was questioned and had her bag searched at New York’s JFK Airport as a result of a TSA agent’s suspicions over the fact that she was reading a conservative newspaper. Meanwhile, a “conservative” freedom sack wearing Muslim(?) went through security with no questions asked and with no one even bothering to verify her identity. (Moonbattery)

Piss off, Ali!

“Dr” Ali Selim prescribes Islamic blasphemy laws and submission, wrapped in pretzel logic: “Islam preaches responsible freedom of expression.” (the muzzler is free).

“Islam promotes the uniting of mankind and cultivating love and understanding among mankind and thus creating a healthy atmosphere for co-existence, whereas today’s advocates of freedom of expression advocate individualism.”


Dr Ali Selim is a senior member of staff at the Islamic Cultural Centre….

The settlers most Israelis don’t know 

israeli_settlers_protest_7dc3Most Israelis have never visited Judea and Samaria, and think all Jewish settlers are a homogenous bunch. Well, says Eitan Haber, they’re not

Aid workers return to besieged Syrian city

More than 600 evacuated so far from Homs Old City, as violence targets residents and threatens work of aid agencies. (al Jizz)

Aid workers have returned to the besieged central Syrian city of Homs, a day after trucks carrying supplies came under fire, evacuating civilians and delivering food and medicine.More than 600 civilians have been evacuated from the Old City since Friday, with the majority coming out on Sunday. But the process has not been without danger.Activists told Al Jazeera that shelling struck civilians who were preparing to be evacuated in the district of Al Qarabis on Sunday. Several people were said to have been killed and a number of others injured as a result of the incident.Khaled Erksoussi, the head of operations at Syrian Arab Red Crescent, told Associated Press on Sunday that the agency would try to evacuate more civilians from rebel-held areas in Homs, in line with a United Nations-brokered agreement on a three-day truce. (More)

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  1. The free pass given to the cloaked muslims is the same as that depicted in the video taken a couple of years ago by the passenger waiting to board an Air Canada flight.

    Airport security is theatre with muslims disproportionally represented among airport employees (and when there should be none) and frontline security staff acting like dhimmis when their muslim masters are going through then making up for it by bullying those who present no threat.

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