Its World Freedom Sack Celebration Day!

It’s World Hijab Day everybody, so wrap your heads in freedom gear and party down:



(Tim Blair)

Get with it, gals! What could possibly be more diverse than black shrouds?


Lydia Shelly says the day also encourages Australians to walk in the shoes of a Muslim women with the aim of improving religious harmony.

“The biggest assumption about Muslim women who wear the hijab is that we are one big homogenous group,” Ms Shelly wrote on Facebook. “Muslim women who wear the hijab are from all walks of life, nationalities and have different ways that they express their modesty through their wearing of the hijab.Yay for diversity in the hijabi community!”


Yay for wearing slightly different patterns and colours while maintaining subservience to your male superiors! Here’s how things went during a previous hijab day celebration:

Some 200 veiled women staged a rally in front of the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday to mark World Hijab Day, but only men gave speeches.

431338-HijabprotestPhotoAbidNawazexpress-1346782611-558-640x480All females have the right to wear the freedom sack.  No female has the right not to wear the freedom sack….

6 thoughts on “Its World Freedom Sack Celebration Day!”

  1. Hijab Wearers ….

    Islam is a Brain/Mind Virus that creates a new You – a VILE CRIMINAL & STUPID Islam-muslim – A Tribal Sub Human Species!
    Possibly think “BORG” But with much much much less communal intelligence.
    Perhaps think “VAMPIRE” with none of the ‘attraction‘ the vampire-type concept seems to have with the “VAMPIRE-FANS”.

    …. and au contraire to your Islam ‘Victorious’ sign – Islam-muslim is already Destroyed!

  2. Just because I wear a swastika on my arm, symbolising my ideology, doesn’t mean I am a bad person. /sarc

  3. “Some 200 veiled women staged a rally in front of the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday to mark World Hijab Day, but only men gave speeches.”

    A lot of them are wearing the niqab not the hijab

    It was not World Niqab Day.

    The photo also says Hijab is my right.Is it? or is it an obligation?

    1. Is it an obligation?

      They have they right to wear the freedom sack. They don’t have the right not to wear the freedom sack.

  4. It is a weapon like many is a means of intimidation , it is a statement is a is a brag.. It is a juvy statement.. It is look at me look at me. It is a waste of material. It is an attention seeking siren , a flag waved in the faces of the unbelievers !
    It is supremacist.

  5. I can’t see a hijab or burqua without thinking of this:

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