Muselmaniacs in PNG Detention Met Police Force That Hits Back: Boink, Boink Boink!

The useful idiots are out in force:

Guards hired by scandal-prone Tony BLiar owned British firm accused of using iron bars and rocks during riot at Australian offshore immigration detention centre (Bolt)


That’s a sound I’d have loved to hear.

Some background to the violent police response to the Manus detention centre riot:

Take a look at these adorable little kids and kiddies: do they look like refugees to you?

As a PNG resident of long standing, I was based in Port Moresby… I moved extensively around PNG , New Britain, Bouganville, and Manus Island.etc

Driving back from the town to the airport I often came across and watched ‘the Police Boi Riot Squad ‘ at work in Koki market… The Police Bois were Manus Islanders and highlanders (Police Bois never policed their own provinces)

The squad would be arranged in a rectangle with about 3 lines of 8 walking slowly in front of the backward moving calaboose wagon. The rear squad line were ‘handlers’ with no special equipment just helmets and big boots.

The next line all had batons and helmets as the front line clobbered the ‘orley’ and walked over them, generously kicking them the baton handlers would continue to baton and kick them and the handlers would rocket them into the calkaboose wagon.

However, the most formidable part of the squad was the front line ‘shock’ troops.



When the officer blew his whistle once, they interlocked their bamboo shields and walked very orderly toward the rioting orley. When they were about 10 metre away the officer gave short bursts on his whistle and the interlocked shields charged the orley

Great confusion and shouting etc as those pinned by the shield wall tried to go back, leaving heads and shoulders over the shield line. The Police Bois laid into anything over their shields with enormous ferocity, arcing their batons from near the ground…

However the most alarming thing was the noise. Standing about 200m from the squad , and over all the shouting was a cacophony of very loud ‘boinks’! ‘boink , boink boink , boink, really unbelievable.! 

The ‘boinks ‘ were the police bois giving a massive clobber on the skulls like slamming two wooden blocks together…

If the refugees fronted a Poice Boi riot squad anywhere near as disciplined in earlier times , they would for sure clobber those thin middle eastern skulls….


Take a look and tell me what you think: are these people in need of protection or are they the stormtroopers of the muselmanic army?

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  1. kaw,
    Indeed, PNG showing how the job should really be handled. Big sticks and a hard boot.

    Now all we got to do is get rid of the scum that’s already made its way to the mainland..

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