Pamela Curr, Useful Idiot Or Enemy of Australia?

Pamela Curr is the campaign coordinator at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which provides services to (Muslim) asylum seekers and refugees.


Pamela Curr is proactively aiding and abetting the Mohammedan invasion of Australia. She even made herself an advocate for sexual predators.

In January 2010, she was deported by Indonesia for creating a nuisance over 256 Tamils seized by an Indonesian Navy patrol boat  at the request of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

This unhinged cow has a vested interest in flooding Australia with Mohammedan welfare seekers, she directly profits from it. In the last two days she is constantly on ABC TV to drum up support for her perfidious cause. She called Tony Abbott “an aggressive animal”, demands that Australia demonstrate a “willingness to increase to increase the intake from Indonesia,” she tells us that “Australia has to go to Indonesia and listen to Indonesia” and speaks for Indonesia, which according to her demands “Australia has to take more people, we have to be prepared to accept refugees…”


One thought on “Pamela Curr, Useful Idiot Or Enemy of Australia?”

  1. Pamela Curr – Listen to her talk !!!! – quack quack.
    Pamela Curr – Observe her walk !!!! – waddle waddle waddle – waddle.
    Pamela Curr – She is obviously a duck !!!! – hell knows why – the Islam Brain/Mind Virus ????

    Pamela Curr – Muslim DEPORTATION (to the Arabian Peninsular) includes ALL the non-muslim Enablers/Assisters of Islam (because they are guilty of Treason and Sedition against their own non-Islamic Countries) – BUT – only after they have served their incarcerations owed from successful legal processes against them.

    Dear Pamela Curr ….
    …. we have a responsibility to refugees ….

    When Indonesia deported you January 31, 2010 – BIG MISTAKE – they should have swapped you for Schapelle Corby.

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