Rarer than hens teeth


Reffos who want to go back to where they came from?

Things are so good in Africa that many of our cultural enrichers might just pack up and go home,  writes Tory Sheperd.

Not sure if Tory Shepherd is one of these elusive model citizens who invite Islamic cultural enrichers for dinner to their homes, but she’s seriously telling us  that some of them would go back to Africa  without being forcibly evicted.

(You wish.)

Shepherds   incoherent drivel includes the usual smears: Australians are “rednecks”…  (who need to go  through the reeducation gulag…   for as long as it takes to get that warm and fuzzy multiculti feeling, I suppose…)

A study has revealed most Sudanese refugees want to go home, some temporarily and some permanently.

Its because we don’t show them enough love, you see:

The STATT research found refugees who have arrived over the past decade are discriminated against and isolated.

Researcher Robert Onus said they felt employers and landlords discriminated against them for being African. They struggle to get homes and jobs. There’s the push factor.

It’s a reverse wedgie on the F**k Off We’re Full mob.

Pull my other leg, Tory!

Those who are here don’t go back, not voluntarily, not ever…. Meanwhile, the Africans do what they do best: 

African Crime Forum


On Thursday night, 6th February, the people of Sydney will have a unique opportunity to be involved in a forum debating the problems associated with the resettlement of African “refugees” and migrants in Australia. The night is bound to stir passion, and create interesting discussion.

Over the years, some members of the African community have been in the media for all the wrong reasons. Collected statistics prove that Africans — especially young African men — are a crime ridden demographic, with high rates of welfare dependency, gang violence, racially motivated attacks targeting white Australians, assault, rape and even murder.

Tribal hostilities erupted in Melbourne’s CBD on New Year’s eve and continued into the early hours of New Year’s day in 2014 when over 200 African youth clashed in rolling fights between two groups.

Anthony McEvoy, who oversees the Salvation Army’s youth street team said, “the people he saw brawling looked almost exclusively African”. Another Salvation Army volunteer, Awan Mading added, “many young people from the African community had little education and poor job prospects, making them feel excluded so they became frustrated, and some of them drop out of school, hoping they will find a job. But if they don’t have any qualifications or work experience they can’t get employment so they end up in the street drinking”.

The New Year’s melee was not reported in the media, hidden by Victorian Police for fear of being branded ‘racist’ until Andrew Bolt discovered the report and published the story on Australia Day. The cover-up perpetrated by the Victorian Liberal government, Victorian Police and media just proves how pathetic and weak our politicians, police and community leaders have become. This episode highlights yet again the incompatibility of African immigration to Australia.

It has been reported in the media that Sudanese and Somali born Victorian residents are five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community illustrating the trend towards increasingly violent robberies by dysfunctional and racist African youth.

A few years ago in Perth, up to 20 African youths attacked teenager James Claxon in a violent, brutal and racially motivated attack. James said he was walking to a nightclub with some friends when 20 African youths charged at him and his friends yelling, “Who are these white cunts?” James said, “They kicked me in the head a few times, stomped on my head a few times, kicked me in the kidneys, and the ribs. It was mostly around the head and the ribs”. James wallet and phone were stolen in the attack.

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