Red Kerry flings dirt at Israel, IDF, portrays Pali stone-throwers as victims….

Here’s that ridiculously biased (s-)hit piece again, first aired last night: Stone Cold Justice

Obviously, leftist blowhards like Red Kerry are not interested in what the IDF or Israelis have to put up with every day.

What “Non-Violent” Palestinian Protests Really Look Like

Even as IDF forces try to keep the peace, Palestinian “demonstrators” resort to rock throwing and other acts of violence against Israeli soldiers.
Every Friday, a similar scene repeats itself in Palestinian villages throughout Judea and Samaria. As Israeli soldiers do their best to keep the region secure, Palestinians throw rocks in unprovoked attacks against IDF forces. Israel protects the right of Palestinians to protest peacefully, but so-called “Palestinian demonstrations” often turn violent.
In this video, an IDF officer explains to Palestinian demonstrators that they have the right to protest peacefully, but asks them not to use violence against Israeli troops. Their only response is to throw rocks in an attempt to injure or kill IDF soldiers.‬

Rocks kill people

As American Secretary of State John Kerry encourages the possibility of a Third Intifada against Israel, and media worldwide continues to claim that rock-throwing is non-violent, Israelis continue to be injured from Palestinian Arab rock throwers. As this video reminds us Rocks Kill People.
It should be noted that American border patrol police “consider rock-throwing to be deadly force which sometimes demands the same in response.” Throwing rocks is violent behavior – and protection from rocks is vital.  Let us hope and pray that this little girl makes a full recovery.–Click here to read more »

That’s it: al Qaradawi is a Mossad Agent!

Qaradawi is originally from Egypt, supports the Muslim Brotherhood and has been very critical of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries who do not support the MuBro’s. The logic behind this brilliant analysis is that Qaradawi has not specifically condemned recent reports of Jews visiting the Temple Mount. (The insanity never ends)

Hamas complains UNRWA curriculum alienates aspiring terrorists

The Hamas Ministry of Education has issued a statement strongly criticizing UNRWA’s curriculum for schools in Gaza, especially its unit on human rights, saying that it does not accurately reflect the Palestinian Arab culture of terrorism. (EoZ)

“Polio: Disease, Or Dangerous Jewish Conspiracy?”

Media Report: Rumors That The Vaccine ‘Is A CIA Plot To Sterilize Muslim Children’; Article: ‘Jews, Who Dream Of Ruling The World, Have Invented… Vaccines, Drugs, And Injections… To Weaken Muslims’  (BCF)

“The Jews, who dream of ruling the world, have invented different types of vaccines, drugs, and injections in an organized way to weaken Muslims in their beliefs on spiritual, practical, and moral levels, and make their bodies contaminated.”


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  1. More dreck from this execrable dolt Bob Carr:

    West Bank settlements always illegal

    ANY confusion about Israel’s settlements in the West Bank can be easily resolved. There is a file in the office of the Israeli Prime Minister that will do it. The file would be handy for John Kerry as he attempts to broker a peace. It would help Julie Bishop, who told The Times of Israel on January 15 she’d like to see advice that says settlements are illegal.

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