Switzerland Puts Brakes on Immigration



Quotas are to be set for immigrants. Essentially, this means that the floodgates of Islamic immigration are closing.

Even when the rest of Europe is engulfed in lunacy, Switzerland remains a calm island of civilized liberty. It was true during the pointless carnage of World War I, during the Nazi madness, and even today, during Europe’s suicide by political correctness. Needless to mention that the socialist lunatics all over EUrabia are throwing hissy fits. Some have even made threats, ignoring totally that Switzerland never joined the European Union (EU).

Better late than never. Switzerland’s foreign population is over 23%. Half a million are Muslims in a nation of 8 million. Many of these immigrated from the strife-torn Balkans.

The election was alarmingly close. But it still seems likely that the last non-Muslims to live in Europe will be Swiss.