Syria: al Qaeda blows competing "rebels" to the virgins…


Adamawa: Gunmen Kill Pastor, 10 Others in Fresh Attack

 Boko Haram again killed a pastor and 10 other persons  in a fresh attack on Friday  night at EYN in the  village of Sabon Garin Yamdula  ,Madagali area of Adamawa state. This is coming barely a week when the suspected members of the Islamic sect attacked a Catholic church at Chakawa village of Madagali  local government area of Adamawa and killed over 45 person in the area

The British Government’s Responsibility for Northern Nigeria

“The British colonial masters took our land and handed it over to Muslim rulers

They gave us [non-Muslim groups] an inferior social and political role in the colonial hierarchical system in northern Nigeria, and that is exactly where we are right now.” — Dr. Yusufu Taraki

It is a truth not universally acknowledged in Western politically-correct circles that Christianity has become the most persecuted religion in the world and that most of the oppression comes from the hands of Islam and in Muslim-majority areas.


Nowhere is this more true than in northern Nigeria where, in 2012, 70% of all Christians murdered worldwide were slain. Not only death but discrimination, too, is rife across the country’s twelve northern Sharia states in which Christians and other minorities live with second-class dhimmi status, and with inferior rights to jobs, justice and worship.–Continue Reading 

This is beautiful:

Al-Qaeda fighters kill Syrian rebel leaders–The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attack and kill commanders of groups in escalation of infighting among rebels.



Jabhat al-Nusra claims deadly Lebanon bombing


Any idea why the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States?   The group has declared that one of its main objectives is to liberate Myanmar from oppression.


Golden Dawn Attacked Again by “Anti-Fascists”

Street battles triggered by leftist groups’ demonstration against the “extreme-right” party, Golden Dawn.

The report from al Jizz naturally vilifies every movement against Islamisation as “extreme-right”.

Black-clad supporters waved Greek flags and unfurled a banner with the face of Mihaloliakos and chanted “traitors” against the government. Some handed out leaflets advertising National Dawn, which will replace the banned ‘Golden Dawn’.

Central African Republic

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  1. Islamisation of Germany

    Its the same in the rest of the West. If something is not done soon, then Western civilisation will be exterminated.

    This will not just be a catastrophe for us, but to the rest of the world, as well as Muslims all over the world.

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