The ABC is slowly crumbling.

The Ministry of Truth Needs to Go:

ABC orders reporters to stop hyping boat people stories

It says plenty about the ABC’s bias that this edict needed to be sent to ABC reporters.


 Protest against Tony Abbott in Brisbane: 

Tomorrow is our chance to get out, get on our feet, and show Abbott and his cronies that we support ambitious climate action, and that we want climate action now!

And here’s the turnout:


Kaputnicks Get Airtime:  the dismal protest “still got air time on every network, despite there being more punters in the pie shop than involved in this fracas. (Tim Blair: THEY WANT ACTION NOW)

Our leftists are not biased, they are just hard left 24/7

The ABC’s Jon Faine says he’s not biased. Really? Click these links

Andrew Bolt:

for those who need more evidence, here are some links about the completely ”unbiasedJon Faine, a prominent Leftist in an ABC which lets only Leftists host its main current affairs shows, Note particularly Faine’s explicit refusal to cover the Climategate scandal, so embarrassing to his warmist cause.

Obsessed and deranged:

Just for a laugh, who can forget Jon Faine’s serious suggestion that the Herald Sun have a ”cleansing” of conservative columnists to mark the election of the Rudd Government?

We know, as does the audience, that when we cop it from everyone we are getting it about right.

A few more examples of that bias the ABC says it doesn’t have

The ABC claims it isn’t biased, and only bloody conservatives would say so.

 Vile and pernicious:

ABC, Fairfax trying to undermine border security

Piers Akerman – Friday, January 24, 2014

FORCED to face the collapse of their repeated pre-election prediction that the Coalition’s border protection policy would be unworkable, the ABC and Fairfax are now doing their utmost to undermine the national effort. Icon Arrow Continue reading ‘ABC, Fairfax trying to undermine border security’


Why does the ABC hate our Navy?

The ABC hates Australia  (Miranda Devine)

Demonising defence personnel has a long tradition for the Left. During WWII and the Vietnam War, Australia’s unions sabotaged our troops. Wharfies vandalised equipment, robbed troop ships and refused to load supplies.

From a poster on her blog:

The sinister Socialist/Marxist Progressives aka lunatic Left hate many things including reality so they created Political correctness to help justify their lunacy and help brain wash the gullible sheeple. They hate good education, they hate a fair Judicial system, they hate  truth and facts, they hate free speech, they hate a fair go. They hate Australia, they hate Democracy and of course they hate Capitalism. Their hate is a bottomless pit and any one who is a good and decent Australian hates the sinister Socialist/Marxist Progressives and their anti Australian, anti Western and anti Capitalist agenda.