The "rights" Muslims claim to reinvade Spain (al Andalus)

 Once Muslim, Forever Muslim

“Allah willing, we will return to Andalusia– no matter how long the Spanish occupation of Andalusia continues, the day will come, Allah willing, when we liberate it and Islam will return….”

Muslims in Spain demand same rights as Sephardic Jews

Don’t say I told you so.

Next thing you know a billion savages will be on the move.

318295-146047728855280-1465002590-nAlthough Spain said it was willing to grant citizenship to the descendents of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from the Andalus, the same right was not offered to Muslims.


In other news:

Qatar official says 478 Indian workers death rate “normal”

A Qatar human rights body has said the reported deaths of 478 Indian workers in Qatar during the last two years was “normal”, a figure that another human rights group has called “horrendous”.

About 500,000 Indians live in Qatar, which is experiencing a construction boom staffed primarily by young men from South Asian countries.  Ali bin Sumaikh al-Marri, the head of Qatari government-affiliated National Human Rights Committee, told AFP: “If we look at the numbers of Qataris who died … of natural causes … over the past two years, we see that numbers of deaths among the Indian community are normal.”

Danish ‘halal law’ changes nothing says imam

Of course not. Infidel laws do not apply to the soldiers of allah.

Denmark’s minister for agriculture, Dan Jorgensen:

“To eliminate all doubt, let me make it clear that slaughter according to Islamic precepts is still permitted in Denmark. This is not changing. It is important for the Danish government that everybody in Denmark can purchase meat slaughtered according to Islamic precepts without coming into conflict with their religious beliefs,” he said.

One thought on “The "rights" Muslims claim to reinvade Spain (al Andalus)”

  1. Even the name betrays muslim lies, Al Andalus comes from “Vandals” as in the land of the Vandals a germanic tribe who settled in Spain. Jews arrived in Spain with Greeks and Phoenicians thousands of years before muhammed was defecated inside a desert hole by his mother, though a second wave of Jews arrived in Spain in company of the ummayyad invaders, these Jews helped the muslim Ummayyad to rule over the Spanish, Jews functioned as the muslims servants, administrators and slavemasters and formed a 5th column inside 16th century Spain at the time the Ottoman Turks were ravaging southern Europe.

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