The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Davoud Camoron’s Britain

The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Cameron’s Britain

The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Cameron’s Britain


The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Cameron’s Britain 

by Paul Weston, Chairman, Liberty GB

What kind of country refuses entry to people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, but welcomes with open arms war criminals, rapists, murderers, fascists and jihadists? Great Britain, of course! Come on in, we say! No passport, my dear chap? Not a problem! Can you mouth the word A-S-Y-L-U-M in a manner approximating coherence? You can! Excellent, excellent, please allow us to provide you with money, housing, legal aid and a thoroughly Great British welcome to you today, and your extended family tomorrow!


Next! Ah, Mr Spencer, I think? May I compliment you on your luxuriant beard that suggests potential jihadi promise, and your magisterial ability to quote the Koran, my dear chap, both of which are highly favoured in multi-faith Britain! But, and it is rather a large but, I’m afraid to say, I hear you are pro-Israel and use your Koranic knowledge to question the peacefulness of an ideology we fanatically promote as pure as the driven snow! Oh dear me no, this is no good at all, my dear fellow! Drawing attention to real, actual facts is just not on in today’s Britain, don’t cha know? So despite the wonderful beard, I’m afraid entry permission is denied! Sorry, old boy!

Next! Ms Geller, I presume? Wrong queue, my dear lady, wrong queue entirely! You want the one over there….NO! Ms Geller, most certainly NOT the VIP track…the one next to it….yes, that one, Ms Geller…that’s it, the Fast Track Judenrein queue…, Ms Geller, not au revoir, my dear lady, not au revoir at all…..simply goodbye!

Next!…Mr Mohammad Al-Arefe, I believe? I hear you wish to smash skulls and sever limbs, you old Saudi rogue, you! Welcome to Britain, sir! This way sir, this way! May I carry your bag, sir? I may! Thank you, sir, thank you! Gosh, it’s awfully heavy! What on earth do you have inside it? No, no! Don’t answer me, sir, and please forgive my infidel impertinence in asking…and if I may say so sir, your beard is rather marvellous as well….completely puts Spencer’s quite inferior foliage in the shade, sir…your limousine, sir, courtesy of Theresa May! Oh, thank you, sir! A Petrodollar! Thank you again, sir! Allahu akbar, if I may be so bold, sir!

And now for a more detailed and depressing analysis, from here.

“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

British Home Secretary Theresa May’s ban on civil rights activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller entering Britain is yet another example of our ruling elite’s total capitulation to Islam, a political and cultural/religious ideology which shares its core beliefs with Nazism.

I wasn’t intending to write on this subject; it has already been covered by various authors, but the following email I received from a Canadian WWII soldier changed my mind. Lance Bombardier Richard Field served in the Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment and fought for his country and the West as a young man in Europe in WWII. He is now fighting against resurgent Islam, which he correctly identifies as a threat greater even than that of Hitler’s Nazis. Mr Field wrote the following:

“As a Canadian who went to England during WWII as a 19 year old soldier and went into combat in North West Europe to defend our freedoms. The bile rises in my throat at the pitiful behavior of David Cameron and the policies of Britain in regard to anyone from anywhere in the Free Western world being told they cannot come and tell the truth about Islam and the end of our civilization if the political theocracy of that evil is allowed to prevail. I have heard Pamela Geller speak. She not only describes Islam’s theocratic plans to dominate all counties on earth but teaches us how to fight the battle peacefully. Cameron and the British government are cowards, frightened that the Islamists will react violently. This government must be replaced with men and women of the Churchillian and Thatcher courage of steel and purpose. In the meantime the English Defense League and Liberty GB will have to man the barricades until Cameron and his ilk are hung drawn and quartered for treasonous behavior.”

Mr. Field is quite correct that Cameron and company are behaving in a treacherous manner, although perhaps — just perhaps — hanging, drawing and quartering is taking it a step too far… I think a public trial based on Nuremberg is very much needed, though, and if found guilty, banishment to Islamabad or Timbuktu would be quite an adequate punishment for their cowardly appeasement and betrayal of free speech and democracy — both of which exist today only because of the blood and sacrifice of millions of brave, patriotic and decent men like Mr. Field.

Mr. Cameron’s ideological allies in this shameful travesty include the usual assortment of far-left extremists such as Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate, an organisation devoted to silencing any criticism of Islam, but which “puzzlingly” never talks at all about Islamic atrocities committed both in Britain and abroad. Mr Lowles, of course, comes from a Communist background and therefore supports the mass slaughter of millions in the name of his ideology, so we should not be surprised that he is currently allied with Islam, which continues to satisfy Lowles’ blood lust as its adherents rape, murder, torture and bomb their way around the world. Allahu akbar!

Lowles is “delighted” that he has managed to close down free speech in Britain (Stalin would have been proud of him), but Lowles was embarrassingly unable to answer Robert Spencer in a recent radio interview, when Spencer asked him to name just one example of anything he ever said in millions of words which could be labeled as “Islamophobic.” Lowles could not, of course, because he and his violent and extreme left-wing ilk don’t argue with facts and reality. “Racist and fascist” is their main point of attack as they studiously avoid the real racists and fascists in their midst — who possess both the correct skin colour and a bitter hatred for traditional Britain, which combination makes Islam the number one ideological ally of the quisling Left.

After the toe-curling failure of Lowles to defame Spencer, worse was to come for the Islamo-leftist alliance. Were the matter not so serious, the following exchange between imam Dadwallah and Robert Spencer would be comedy gold in its exposure of the pig-ignorant and evasive imam and the thoroughly biased BBC, which sought desperately to expose Spencer as a bigoted “Islamophobe.” The BBC interviewer allowed Robert to quote a small number of Koranic verses which smear Jews and Christians as unclean, along with a couple of fairly typical jihadist kill-all-the-non-Muslims sort of stuff:

“How would you counter these quotes?” asked the BBC man, whereupon the imam instantly refused to argue against the unarguable and instead said the following:

The Home Secretary needs to decide whether she should allow Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to come to this country, especially on armed forces day. Is it going to be respectful, is it going to be distasteful for these individuals to come and honour the memory of Drummer Lee Rigby?”

Memo to imam Dadwallah: Respectful to attend a memorial for a murdered British soldier? Emphatically yes. Distasteful? No! Do you have any idea what you said? This terrible statement should have been picked up by the BBC interviewer, but alas went clean over his head, presumably because the prevailing opinion at the BBC is not too dissimilar to that of the cuddly imam.

After a tad more typical taqiyyah, the real comedy gold started when the interviewer finally lost patience with the discombobulating Dadwallah:

“But imam, imam, with all due respect, I’m sorry, but so often on this show we are asked by our Muslim listeners why haven’t we got an imam on to counter some of the things put out there…you cannot evade that…he (Robert Spencer) put the quotes out there, please explain the context!”

Imam Dadwallah had been caught out with his admission that Jews and Christians were “spiritually unclean” which he then tried to backtrack on. The interviewer then asked him if he could identify a single verse in the Koran which states that they (Jews and Christians) are equal to Muslims. The imam replies:

Imam: “Not off the top of my head, I wasn’t asked to be prepared for…”
BBC: “But you’re an imam!”
Imam: “I understand that, but Robert Spencer…”
BBC: “But he isn’t an imam!”
Imam: “But this is his field…”
BBC: “But Islam is your field surely?!”

If anyone thinks the interviewer was against the imam, they would be very much mistaken. The interviewer was just frustrated that he was unable to use his pet imam to debunk Robert and expose him as an “Islamophobe.” The interviewer went on to say:

“The reason that I wanted you on the show was to counter the kind of accusations [actually, just quotes from the Koran — Ed.] that we hear from Tommy Robinson and Robert Spencer.”

And so the penny dropped. The BBC was out to discredit Spencer, but failed utterly to do so. The Communist Lowles failed utterly, and the imam failed utterly. Robert Spencer’s supposed “Islamophobia” consisted only of quoting the Koran. The inability to counter these quotes simply confirms that the Koran is a Hate Book, driven by supremacism, bigotry and anti-anything not Islamic. Robert Spencer was not banned because he twists the Koran; he was banned for exposing the hatred within the Koran. In Britain… by a Conservative government…

So when these thoroughly dreadful Conservative politicians are not banning truthful civil rights activists, what sort of delightful coves do they let into the country? Well, there are countless examples of war-mongering jihadists allowed into Britain; in fact we even have our own resident Bangladeshi war criminal who has been indicted for genocide back home in the East. But here is the most recent example of Cameronian culpability: one Mohammed al-Arefe, who bimbled over from Saudi just last week to partake of tea and a chat with his followers in Britain. One of his historical chats went like this:

“Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer. Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight.”

Hmmm. And he’s not the only one like this whom Theresa May’s Home Office considers fit for entry and fit for spreading words conducive to the “public good.” In May, 2013, Kuwaiti Sheikh Yasser Al-Habib came to Britain to incite hatred against those pesky Sunni Muslims (Al-Habib is very much a Shiite) and has already served time for inciting religious hatred. Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, a Sunni Muslim, raised this issue with Theresa May’s Home Office:

“These preachers are purely here to promote themselves and create divisions where none need to exist. Neither he (Al-Arefe) or Al-Habib should be allowed to do this. And the Home Office must take action on this issue. This is just another branch of hatred, and it’s bizarre the Home Office doesn’t listen to people who are concerned about this…the Home Office has a duty to examine this.

But the Home office did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Wrong colour, wrong religion, old boy. It is hard to put into mere words the sheer revulsion one feels towards David Cameron at this point. We do have actual laws that prohibit genuine hate preachers, such as the amiable imams above, from coming here. But those laws are ignored when the haters emanate from petro-dollar rich Saudi and Kuwait. Those hundreds-of-billions sure have some clout, hey, Dave?

But why let in skull-smashing Saudis whilst banning peaceful civil rights activists? As far as Theresa May is concerned, the mere presence of Geller and Spencer “would not be conducive to the public good” which is a pretty Orwellian and far-ranging totalitarian statement, assuming it is even legal.

What Ms May really means is that Muslim and far-left extremist groups will cause trouble if people advocating free speech are allowed entry to Britain in order to politely explain to baffled imams what their holy book really means when it commands them to slay the infidels. In order to appease the Muslim “community” Cameron and his government would rather betray their country, and the reason for this is based purely on the fact that the British parliament (within those hallowed halls where once strode Winston Churchill) is just downright frightened — nay, terrified — of Islam.

And this terror of Islam is because Islam uses terror. And quite clearly uses it very well. After the Muslim sex-slavery, rape and torture cases came before the public eye, there was a public tut-tutting, but little else. There is an ongoing scandal and a third enquiry into the awful murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence and the subsequent police bungling of the operation, but there is no call for an enquiry into the fact that thousands of vulnerable native British girls were abused by hundreds of Pakistani “British” Muslims in full view of David Cameron, the police, the media and the social services, all of whom knew what was going on, but chose to do nothing about it. The blood of those children is on their hands, and I include David Cameron in that.

“Let’s just pretend it never happened” seems to be the official response. Racially motivated? Religiously motivated? Good Lord, no! If we admitted that, then we would have to use the hate laws to prosecute the perpetrators, and they are all the wrong colour and the wrong religion! Surely everybody is aware these laws were introduced to prosecute white Christians only! Anything else would be discriminatory!

So here we are then. A Prime Minister who thinks we have a lot to learn from Islam. A Prime Minister who is a founding signatory of Unite Against Fascism, which is a Communist thug organisation with a Muslim fascist, Azad Ali, sitting as its vice-chair. A Prime Minister who said nary a word about Muslim gang rapists, and the only words used by him about the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby served to absolve Islam of any blame.

Britain is a country which allowed Muslim girls to attack white girls whilst screaming “kill the white bitch”, who were then absolved of a race crime. Britain promotes policemen to top positions who then publicly state on television that the 7/7 London transport bombings had nothing to do with Islam. Britain is a country that allowed any number of Muslim imams filmed by undercover C4 journalists to just carry on their hatred, even after their rants were aired on prime time TV. Let’s not prosecute them our Crown Prosecution Service said — they are the wrong colour and the wrong religion. Old boy.

Britain is a country that allowed its principal broadcasting outlet, the BBC, to disproportionately fill its studios with Muslims after 9/11 and to then blame America to loud applause from the audience, even as the U.S. Ambassador was reduced to tears by the sheer hatred and lack of human decency exhibited by the hating left and the hating Muslims.

Britain is a country that has clearly placed the interests of the followers of a savage, backward, violent, misogynistic, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian ideology both political and religious, stratospherically above the interests of its own native citizens. Britain is a country where Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery, Islam is Peace and Resistance to Islam is Evil.

Britain is lost.

Britain is a country that does prosecute you if you dare to mention that Islam indulges in a spot of gang-rape, and tells us it wants to blow us up. Britain is a country that threatens to prosecute T-Shirt vendors for inciting racial hatred if they wish to sell clothing bearing a logo saying “Respect our Culture, Respect our Laws or Get out of our Country”. Britain is a country that refuses to prosecute Muslims for hate crimes when they desecrate our war memorials, and Britain is a country that allows Jew-hating politicians like Keith Vaz to help decide just who should or should not be allowed entry to Britain.

And finally, Britain is a country that bans scholarly civil rights activists from entry, despite the fact they have never called for violence, cannot be exposed as being “Islamophobic” by Communists such as Nick Lowles and cannot be refuted by idiotic imams after directly quoting the Koran. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been denied entry to Britain for two reasons. The first is that they speak the truth. The second is that they have sufficient knowledge to make sure the truth cannot be twisted.

The British patriot and philosopher Roger Scruton once said that if words no longer had the desired effect, then words would be replaced by deeds. By denying free speech, by denying words from Geller and Spencer, David Cameron is helping to ensure that deeds will be forced to replace words, because our own government no longer allows us to use words.

The deeds will be violent. No race or culture submits quietly to their disinheritance, but for traitors like Cameron these deeds will not affect him personally. Islam is growing nine times faster than any other demographic and young Muslim males are becoming increasingly radicalised at Saudi-funded mosques. This can only lead to future civil war, and Cameron has shunted this war onto the shoulders of his own children, and the shoulders of every innocent child in Britain who has no power to influence the future. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Cameron who does have the power to actually do something about it, but only uses it to clamp down on people he thinks are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of morality and the wrong side of good.

But it is you, Mr Cameron, who is on the wrong side. One day I very much hope you will explain to a court of law just why, given the choice of backing good or evil, you chose evil. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are clearly good, but you barred them. The skull-crushing jihadi enthusiast Mohammed al-Arefe is clearly evil, yet here he is Britain. This is not Pakistan, yet you seem intent on enforcing sharia-compliant blasphemy laws as though your office were in Islamabad, not London.

Why? Why have you labeled truth and facts to be “hate?” This is not the action of a democratic government; it is the action of a genuine dictatorship, and your totalitarian behavior is being carried out on behalf of a foreign religion and a foreign people who wish us only harm.

I said earlier that no words can describe the sheer revulsion good and moral people feel about your recent action Mr Cameron. The civilised world is now talking about it in horrified tones. You have publicly shamed Britain on the international stage, but, hey, don’t worry, Dave, just chillax. Leave the mess you have helped cause for your children — for all our children — to physically and militarily deal with, if indeed they can. For them, for our children, it will be a quite literal fight to the death.

Your abject cowardice in the face of potential Islamic aggression makes you a traitor to your country. Your dictatorial dismissal of free speech in barring Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller makes you a disgrace to decency and democracy, and an insult to every soldier like Lance Bombardier Richard Field who sacrificed so much to defend that democracy. You will never, ever, be forgiven and one day you will be held to account.


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