UK: Warsi told "we don't do God" — (but she does Allah 24/7….)


The Curry Princess is Sitting Pretty:

“What I meant when I said that was that the way in which faith (Islam) was being sidelined and marginalised was wrong, and that it had to change That faith should be an important informer of public debate….”

“I said that we would tackle head on, the tough issues like the rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe. In the UK I felt the bigotry of Islamophobia had increased, so much so that sentiment against Muslims had become acceptable – even in the most civilised of settings.

I felt that it was time for government to respond. I’m delighted that this Government has done so. I said that we would reach out to new faith communities as well as revive and restore some of our oldest relationships.”

Islam, nothing but Islam. David Camoron stacked his government with useful idiots who would never dare to oppose her filth….

And then this:

“I am a proud Muslim. I am patriotically British. Despite the oft asked unanswerable question as to which I am first – whether I am Muslim first or British first – I see no conflict in these parts of my identity. My patriotism and my faithfulness are both strong, positive forces which drive me.”

We know what you are, you ridiculous Paki parasite. We know what “your faith” is, and what it does to every  country ever invaded by your lot.  But  I digress:  its better not to post it here. 

OIC Sayeeda Warsi and Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu


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  1. No change. They don’t do God, they do Allah and Allah is to God what death is to life – the total absence, the total opposite.

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