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The philosophy behind “climate change”

A Society of Cowards (Pat Condell)

Much more than a comedian, this is a true Briton on fire:

Europe, Britain and the rest of the once free world,  has a really bad case of battered-wife-syndrome.

If journalists are too afraid to do their job in reporting Islam, they should turn the job over to someone with a spine.

Oxford Howling: Mosque’s plan to broadcast call to prayer from loudspeaker ‘will create Muslim ghetto’

Muslim headbangers at Oxford mosque will broadcast a call to prayer from loudspeakers despite fierce opposition. (Daily Mail)

Five years four months in jail for man who said Lee Rigby murder was ‘brilliant’

Kerry calls failure of talks “constructive”

China Jihad

For Israel, this week is just like any other week:

Jew hatred comes from the Koran:

Camoron’s speech vs reality

While Cameron said Britain opposes boycotts of Israel, a number of UK universities still target the Jewish State, and Britain has not once spoken out against the United Nations’ bias against Israel. Cameron Talks a Good Talk on Israel, But do his Promises Stack Up?


Fox News:

Andrea Tantaros Attacks Islam As ‘The Most Intolerant Religion In The World’

This is Fox Noise. I wonder how much longer she can keep her job.

Missing Plane Creates Legion of Armchair Sleuths

Missing Plane Creates Legion of Armchair Sleuths

Here’s everything we know.—Read More »

Oxford Howling, continued:

{3}Muslim elders at an Oxford mosque have said they intend to push ahead with plans to broadcast a call to prayer from a loudspeaker despite fierce opposition.

Local residents have attacked the idea saying it would disrupt the peace and turn the area into a ‘Muslim ghetto’.

But the elders said they still intend to seek planning permission to install the loudspeaker.

If granted, they would broadcast a two-minute long call three times a day from the Central Mosque, where up to 700 people gather to worship every Friday.

The idea has gained support from the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev John Pritchard, who last week said those in opposition to the idea should “relax” and “enjoy community diversity”.

But residents, who packed out a council meeting last month to signal their outrage, remain set against the plan which they say is an “un-neighbourly intrusion”.

They said they would rally to block the proposal when it is submitted to the council in nine months time, when construction on the mosque is complete.

Dr Allan Chapman, 61, who lives near the building, said: “The response against this has been incredible, we have been indundated with calls ranging from stiff upper lip outrage to sheer screaming fury.

“The universal message is what an utter cheek to inflict this on a non-Muslim area of Oxford. If this application goes forward then a large number of angry people are poised to form an opposition to it.”

Dr Chapman added the broadcast is not to comparable to the ringing of church bells because: “They are just a signal. The Muslim call is a theological statement.”

Residents have said the main objection is the loud amplification of the broadcast.

Elizabeth Mills, 56, said: “We don’t have a problem with the Imam climbing to the top of the minaret and shouting.

“But we object to electronic amplification. The Bishop of Oxford might say it’s ok but he doesn’t have to listen to it.”

Martin Stott, 53, a member of the Oxford Oratory, added: “This is not an anti-Muslim thing, it is more about community cohesion.”

A spokesman for the Central Mosque said that sounding the call to prayer is a traditional part of the religion.

Sadar Rana, 68, said: “Building work will take another nine months to a year, it is then that we plan to make an application to the council.

“We want to fix a loudspeak to our minaret to broadcast our call to prayer. We would like to have it three times a day but if that is not accepted, then we would like to have it at least on Fridays.

“We do not need the volume to be loud but we want to have the call in some form because it’s our tradition.”


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  1. From Heading Titled
    Oxford Howling, continued:

    About a local resident’s opinion on mosque activity …
    Elizabeth Mills, 56, said:
    We don’t have a problem with the Imam climbing to the top of the minaret and shouting“.

    But – Dear Elizabeth
    There is a problem with any shouting from the top of any minaret.
    There is a problem when and where any mosque is built.
    There is a problem when and where any islam-muslims resides.
    There is a problem with all islam immigration.

    Solution – ban islam.
    Solution – stop all islam immigration.
    Solution – deport all islam-muslim.
    solution – incarcerate all Assisters/Enablers of islam.
    Solution – then deport all Assisters/Enablers of islam.

    Because of how islam-muslim react to this solution – (they throw hissy fits explosives and behead) ….
    Their final solution is the only solution.

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