Child Brides Have Nothing To Do With Islam?


Husband of child bride who ‘feels like he has done nothing wrong’ granted bail

  • Husband says he’s done ‘nothing wrong’ in marrying 12-year-old
  • Given strict conditional bail
  • Claims culture in northern Lebanon starkly different
  • Girl’s father and imam also charged

A (Musel-)MAN accused of marrying a 12-year-old girl in a religious ceremony has been granted bail despite telling authorities he is keen to see his “wife’’ again and insisting he has done nothing wrong.


The Australian Imams Council, in response to reports of under-age marriages among Australian Muslims, recently stated “any religion … should not be held accountable for violations by its followers.” Yet this is the nub of the matter and a naming of an anxiety gripping the Muslim world: Muslims will hold Islam accountable when Islamic revivalists promise utopia but deliver chaos and human rights abuses. (Mark Durie)


If you listen to Islam apologists, not even Islam has anything to do with islam:

Child brides have nothing to do with Islam, apart from the fact they do

Andrew Bolt

Do I believe Eman Sharobeem?

There are at least 60 child brides living in south-western Sydney, and many more girls are destined to be forced into under-age marriage, according to the head of a women’s health centre…

Dr Sharobeem, who is the manager of the Immigrant Women’s Health Service in Fairfield, said under-age marriage was carried out by many cultures across Asia, India and the Middle East and had nothing to do with religion.

Or do I believe Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia?:

We derive our morals, values and laws from Islam…

It may well be deemed by fathers or imams that given modern realities girls should not be married before they reach a certain age, notwithstanding Sharia permissibility for them to marry on reaching puberty. This is perfectly fine. However, this cannot be imposed universally and neither can the Sharia permissibility be generally prohibited…

Media reaction and commentary on this matter is predictable. As is the case with all matters Islamic or Muslim the reporting is sensational and ideologically antagonistic. Criticism on this case – whatever the reality of it as morally acceptable or otherwise – is based in the same racist, Islamophobic narrative in which criticism of the hijab, niqab, halal food, polygyny and so many Islamic beliefs and practices are the subject of mindless attacks and sensational innuendo. In this case, it is the sacred institution of marriage that is being denigrated by disingenuously linking it to sexual deviancy and child abuse.


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  1. When will some people learn


    Case Number: D13684618
    Date: 26/03/2014
    Time: 09:30
    Prosecuting Agency: VICTORIA POLICE
    Informant: CONST1 SALMON, L
    Accused: BULTAN, HALUK
    Hearing Type: Mention
    Location: Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court
    Court Room No.: 0


    This muzzie ape will get whats coming to him in the County Court, no soft sentencing option there
    Case Event Schedule
    Party Name Case ID Event Date/Time Status Room Location Judge Indictment No.
    BULTAN, HALUK CR-13-02337 Criminal Trial 01-DEC-14
    10:30:00 Day 1 of 5 Criminal Hearing Courtroom Melbourne unassigned
    BULTAN, HALUK CR-13-02337 Mention 05-AUG-14
    09:00:00 Day 1 of 1 Second Floor-Courtroom 09 Melbourne unassigned
    BULTAN, HALUK CR-13-02337 Final Directions Hearing 02-OCT-14
    09:00:00 Day 1 of 1 Second Floor-Courtroom 09 Melbourne unassigned

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