Israeli Jets Strike Gaza

Pals fired on as Israeli jets strike Gaza

The Israeli army on Friday said its warplanes had struck a target in the northern Gaza Strip.

gaza-air-strike“Moments ago, an IAF [Israeli Air Force] aircraft targeted a rocket-launching site in the Gaza Strip in order to eliminate an imminent threat to Israel,” Israeli Army spokesman Peter Lerner said via Twitter.

Authorities in Gaza have yet to comment on the assertion.

Israeli forces also opened fire on Palestinian demonstrators near the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, injuring one.

Al Qaeda operative meets virgins:

“Al Qa’eda Mediator” al-Suri Killed by Suicide Bomb

Al-Azhar grand imam rejects ‘Zionist control’ of Al-Aqsa

World Bull / News Desk

The grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar University said Thursday that Al-Azhar, one of the world’s oldest Sunni-Muslim scholarly institutions, would not accept Israeli oversight of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“[Al-Azhar] will not, under any circumstances, accept the Zionist occupation’s control over Al-Aqsa,” Ahmed al-Tayeb said in a statement.–Israel needs to tell this alAzhar mufti to get stuffed.


70 Hezbollah operatives meet virgins

Multiple sources within Syrian rebel brigades have reported that more than 70 Hezbollah militants and Syrian army personnel were recently killed in a single night operation. According to these sources, the pro-regime forces were “liquidated in their tents in surprise carnage, leaving none of them the chance to get out of bed or defend himself.”

Yossela cannot get a discount because he is Israeli

No discount for the Jew from Israel

Yossela is not being judged as an individual but as an Israeli, and specifically a Jewish Israeli.

Israelly Cool: Who Finances BDSM Against Israel? (EoZ)

Today in the Knesset there is a committee meeting session looking into the financing of the anti-Israel movements. Who pays for the kind of lies and propaganda that lead naive people (for example those in Australia who sell the Cinematic Strings software) to think that boycotting Israelis will somehow help Palestinians and lead to a better world.
The author, Edwin Black, has a book “Financing the Flames” discussing how tax exempt and public money fuel a culture of confrontation and terror in Israel. He’s appearing in front of the Knesset session today.

He appeared on Israeli TV (speaking in English) a few days ago: the introduction is in Hebrew but the main interview is all in English.

There’s No Profit in Peace

I was in the Knesset today, listening to Edwin Black, author of Flanning the Flames.
He describes in his book that activists get paid more or only if there is violence that is worthy of being photographed and reported aborad to damage Israel’s image, violence that is initiated and planned with malice aforethought by so-called “human rights campaigners”. If there would be peace, no money for them.
He also pointed out that had the SodaStream factory and similar had been set up in Kosovo or Cambodia by church-affiliated groups, they may have won international recognition and gratitude for fostering peace and reconciliation. But the double standard is at work with Israel.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Unanimously Nominated to Chair UN Human Rights Committee Election

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, was unanimously nominated to chair a UN Human Rights Committee election on Tuesday, Israel’s UN mission said in a statement. 170 countries voted for Prosor, including members of the Arab bloc.
The selection of Israel’s representative to chair the vote, which was for one of the 18 positions on the Committee, is the latest sign of progress for Israel at the UN, a mission spokesperson told The Algemeiner. It comes just a short while after the Jewish State rejoined the Human Rights Council in Geneva and just days after Israel was admitted into JUSCANZ, the UN’s core coordinating group on human rights.

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  1. It is unfortunate for the arab / islamic nations surrounding Israel that they have chosen to follow a puny ‘god’ that will lead them to destruction when they come against Israel.

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