Lessons in Bigotry

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“My people, my people”

U.S.: Obama threatens “serious consequences” if Egypt carries out the death penalty verdict on 529 convicted Muslim Brotherhood thugs & terrorists

They came to hate us

… They criticize the United States for not being Islamic enough, for what people wear, for how people date, for how people listen to music, for how people drink, for how people dance, etc. … by Majid Rafizadeh

Charity that Cameron Called ‘Front’ for Islamic Extremists gets £70,000 a year in State Funding

Curriculum details

  • Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation is being awarded grants each year
  • These are to fund free school places for toddlers at its nurseries
  • Department for Education is investigating Concerns about Foundation
A Muslim would never lie to you
Stories about an alleged Islamist takeover of Birmingham schools are creating an atmosphere of mistrust that will harm children and prevent Muslims from becoming teachers, according to a school governor at the centre of the row. (Muslims are victims,  ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ is “media frenzy” that scares muslim children….)
 Plans to turn Hinckley’s old police station into a multi-faith community centre have been abandoned
The proposed beachhead prompted a social media backlash amid rumours the building would be turned into a centre for the teaching of Islamic Law.
 The Suyuti Institute was announced as one of the users with plans to run weekend courses in the theology of all Abrahamic faiths, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
“Multi-faith” means Islam, “community centre” means mosque,  “Abrahamic faiths” means Islam supersedes Judaism and Christianity.
Why does Dawoud Camoron blow 70.000 a year on a Hizb ut-Tahrir indoctrination centre?
David Cameron criticised the foundation during Prime Minister’s Questions in 2009 as a ‘front organisation’ for a radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, reported the Daily Telegraph. (Daily Mail, Mosque School Funding Scandal)   Read more: Daily Mail

Naming the Bigots

By Michael Curtis

The biased bigots are out again with their attack on Israel during “the apartheid week” in the month of March. What is perpetually amazing is that people and organizations supposedly devoted to the ideals of humanism and humanitarianism such as the officials and members of various religious denominations, teachers, and students in institutions of higher education, and charitable organizations should be so full of hatred against one nation in the world, the Jewish State. It is appropriate that they should be named and called to account for their prejudice, bias, hatred, and possible anti-Semitism.

 Counter-Terrorism is Politically Incorrect  (Molschky)

Common sense means that Muslims are going to get their feelings hurt if their chosen hosts want to stay safe.

Jihad has been hijacked by terrorists (like myself) says Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri