Pat Condell: The Professional Crybabies of Islam

The Professional Crybabies of Islam

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The latest from Pat Condell:

From a poster on the Bolt blog:

I’m reading Mark Steyne’s “Lights Out” and should we do to the Muslims what they do regularly to the rest of us we would be in court just as Mark is. It’s time for the West to throw off it’s apathy and protect our freedoms because if the Muslims and their supporters in the left have their way we will be slaves. The left don’t seem to realise that their support of Muslims at the expense of Jews and Christians will not be repaid in kind. Indeed many, if not most, of the left’s favourite themes are anathema to Muslims. Gay marriage won’t fly in Abu Dahbi.

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  1. Liberals will be at the front of the head chopping line. Muslims despise liberals, but will use them until they gain power.

    Pat’s the man.

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