The Ignorance of Harfart Professor Ali S. Asani

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 Ali S. Asani blows “Islamophobia” bubbles at an institution of higher learning whose Middle Eastern Studies Department  (Mesa Nostra) has degenerated into a title mill for well heeled leftoids and Mohammedan snake-oil salesmen.

As an Ishmaeli, Asani is a descendant of the historical assassins.  He  accuses us collectively of being “religiously Illiterate.”  Mr Asani comes from a cult(-ure) that is  largely illiterate, inbred and poor because of Islam. Behind Mr Asani stands a criminally aggressive, failed belief-system, that exists for no other reason than to annihilate the ‘other’ and to destroy every culture and civilisation that comes before it. 

If that is the ‘religious ignorance’ he accuses us of, he is right. (I do concede that our people are 90% ignorant about the Mohammedan history or belief system. If the truth was known and our people properly informed,  the Islamic invasion would be reversed over night.)

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Ali Asani is Professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures and the Director of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University.

3661Another wakademic prostitute bought and paid by Soddy Barbaria.

Hard on the brain, here is his “Exploring Muslim Understanding of Islam”

In short: infidels are “ignorant”, Islam is a multilayered, shapeshifting entity that can only be understood by Muslims, (Tariq Ramadan sends his regards) and with proper indoctrination we will someday see the light and submit. Sounds familiar? Of course. Its the same old obfuscation that has kept Mohammedanism alive to this day.

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Geoff’s critique is below, with document attached.

A critique of Exploring Muslim Understandings of Islam

Comments by professor Asani are in response to a Social Science Research Council workshop held at Harvard University in November 2008.

Professor Asani of Harvard University suggests that most people misunderstand Islam and that a contextual approach is needed for a proper understanding.

Professor Asani goes to great lengths to explain how there are so many interpretations of Islam but he avoids telling the truth, and that is:

1)      Mohammed is the perfect model for every Muslim to follow, and

2)      Mohammed claimed that Jihad for Allah was the most important duty, and

3)      Using terror will make you victorious, and

4)      Fighting the kafir must continue until the religion is Allah’s, and

5)      Killing, raping, stealing, slaving and the Jizyah tax are Mohammed’s examples.

The Clash of Ignorances – page 3

Quoting the Aga Khan, this clash based on ignorance is a clash that perpetuates fear and hatred of peoples different from one’s self.

No. The hatred in Islam comes not from ignorance or being different but is rooted in the Quran, Islamic law and the first pillar of Islam, the declaration of faith.

The Quran states that a believing Muslim must hate non-Muslims. [Q40:35]

Islamic law for Sunnis states that Muslims must detest the kafir and treat them harshly.

[Reliance of the Traveller, Law w59.2, page 1015].

The doctrine of hating what Allah hates is central to the first pillar of faith and hence believing Muslims are required to hate non-Muslims. [doctrine of al-wala’a wal bara’a]

In Islam then hatred is a core teaching and is not caused by differences between peoples.

Thomas Jefferson quote – page 4

Asani quotes Jefferson on ignorance “If a nation expects it can be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never can be”.

After America declared independence from Britain in 1776 it lost protection of the British navy and as a result Muslim Barbary pirates started to raid American ships, taking slaves and stealing cargo, then demanding ransom from the American government.

In 1786 as ambassador to France, Jefferson attended a London meeting with the Tripoli ambassador, Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, where Jefferson asked why American ships were attacked by Muslims.

Abdul Rahman Adja responded “it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

In this way Jefferson learned from a high ranking Muslim that Islam is at war with America because America has not submitted to Islam. Jefferson not only bought a Quran, but when he became president in 1801, he built ships and a military to smash the Muslim enemy and free slaves and stop America from paying the protection tax. Clearly Jefferson understood Islam’s intentions which had not changed since the time of Mohammed and the rightly-guided caliphs like Umar.

Blame it all on Islam – page 4

Professor Asani complains it is absurd to blame ills on Islam such as the lack of democracy, economic underdevelopment and unjust treatment and marginalization of women.

This is disingenuous as Asani knows that there is no separation of religion and state in Islam and democracy will never be accepted, only Sharia which is from Allah. Moreover, Mohammed himself displayed an intolerance towards women and it is enshrined in religious text. The World Economic Forum Gender Equity report places Islamic countries in the bottom positions when the status of women is measured against a range of attributes. Sharia law is the problem and the Gender Equity report exposes this every year it is published. Economic underdevelopment has many causes including the tribalism and sectarian hatred within Islam coupled with denying half the workforce as women are generally excluded from contributing in the workplace. The GDP of Germany alone exceeds the total output of the top 10 Islamic economies.

The dehumanization of those who are unlike ourselves – page 4

Professor Asani states that history is full of conflicts and tragedies that result from one group failing to respect the humanity of others. This a classic technique of not seeing the elephant in the room.

Apart from the Quran labelling infidels as the vilest of creatures who must be killed, the principle of inequality is enshrined in the “Pact of Umar” which has been applied from the time of Mohammed.

Jews and Christian were called people of the book but in reality were forced to live as second class citizens and pay the Jizyah tax to stay alive. This treatment is ongoing today as evidenced in countries like Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria and Sudan. Black Africans are treated even worse with the Islam historian ibn Khaldun declaring they were like dumb animals and suited to slavery.

It is Islam itself that dehumanizes people and has done so for 1400 years.

This deep seated fear and dread for everything associated with Islam has even led to violent physical attacks on Muslims – page 6

Another statement that is contrary to the truth as Muslims living in western countries are safer than those living in Islamic countries. In fact, Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet with a Christian being killed by a Muslim every 11 minutes according to recent statistics. In Islamic countries, churches are regularly attacked and burned, girls captured and forcibly converted to Islam and family members captured for ransom, yet there is nothing similar happening to Muslims living in western countries.

The contextual approach – page 8

Asani states that religion is a phenomenon that is embedded in every dimension of human experience and requires multiple lenses through which to understand its multivalent social / cultural influences.

The obfuscation meter has just gone ballistic!

Islam is the only major world religion that requires believers to hate people, allows Muslims to kill unbelievers, apostates, adulterers, those who stray from the true path, those who criticise Islam and honour killing and then provide four doctrines to lie about it. Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism have no equivalent and this is what sets Islam apart.

In summary,

From the example of Mohammed at Khybar in 628AD, to Caliph Umar invading Jerusalem in 637AD, to the invasion of Spain in 711AD, to the Dark Ages triggered by Muslims around 650AD, to the Barbary pirates in the late nineteenth century and to the modern era with the 9/11 event and over 22,000 terrorist events since, Muslims who follow the example of the prophet Mohammed have exhibited the same characteristics of indiscriminate killing, raping, stealing, slave trading and applying the Jizyah tax.

The work of Professor Ali Asani is an academic disgrace. Shame on Harvard University. 



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  1. Harvard is polluted with PC fools – having an academic award is often not a sign of real intelligence.

  2. “Professor Asani has been particularly active post-September 11 in improving the understanding of Islam and its role in Muslim societies by conducting workshops for high school and college educators as well as making presentations at various public forums. ”

    Really!I think I learn more from Robert Spencer than I would from Professor Asani.

    As you will see from Geoff’s critique,he is not doing a very good job.

  3. Looks like the current “conservative” Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, must have taken (and aced!) one of this guy’s classes:

    Harper is paying the muslim’s jizya extortion tax to the Grandfather of their Assassin cult, the Ismaili’s Aga Khan, to the tune of $30 million tax dollars and the grant of prime real-estate in central Ottawa (the former War Museum lands in Canada’s capital city) for a “tolerance” centre, rent-paid and tax-free for the next 99 years.

    The Chief Assassin was also recently made an honourary Canadian Citizen by this dhim-witted quisling PM. All the Ismailis are on Harper’s emailing list as he trolls for their support vote.

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