Truth wins over the smears

Does it? Not always. It works for Andrew Bolt, who has the wherewithal to defend himself. He has that megaphone that works like a blowtorch on leftoid cockroaches.

Andrew Bolt

IF I can do it, who now can’t? I’ve said our laws against free speech are too tough, and I’d set an example by not suing for defamation.

Some of our biggest media outlets seemed to take that almost as a dare.

First, lawyer Ron Merkel QC, acting for the fair-skinned Aborigines who got two of my articles banned, told the Jewish judge my thinking was of the kind that inspired the Nazis’ race laws and led to the Holocaust — a disgusting smear many newspapers gleefully published. Still, Jewish leaders did this year finally condemn that court-sanctioned defamation. My banned articles had actually protested against a form of racism that treats us not as individuals but representatives of ethnic or “racial” groups.

Next, The Age published an article by Prof Marcia Langton saying I believed in the “master race” and “racial hygiene”, Nazi concepts used to justify the Holocaust. Langton two years later apologised, but The Age still hasn’t.

This month, the ABC claimed I was a racist and had subjected an academic to “foul abuse … racist abuse”. Again, completely false, and the ABC apologised.

My real sin? The opposite: to argue that insisting on “racial” differences based on the “race” of a single great-grandparent offended our common humanity.

Just last Friday, SBS published another falsehood — a claim by Prof Mark McMillan, one of the fair-skinned Aborigines who sued me, that he was then “accused of being a paedophile, and these were not just responses of Andrew Bolt”.

I have never made or hinted at any such despicable accusation. Rather, I have condemned several prominent people for disgracefully linking paedophilia to homosexuality.

To be fair, SBS was terrific. It quickly published my denial, and may apologise.

I doubt many people now fighting the Abbott Government’s reforms to the Racial Discrimination Act have themselves faced such a concerted campaign of vilification.

But look: I’ve won four apologies or clarifications in just over a month without once suing. I’ve countered smears with truth, and in most cases truth eventually won. And I still trust most readers to judge the smearers harder than me. Free speech works.

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  1. Sorry, Sheik, but when male paedophiles target boys–as they usually do–it is a gay issue. The link is clear and convincing. Pointing it out is not “disgraceful”. But denying it is!

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