UK: Muselplan to Turn Schools Into Islamic Indoctrination Centres

Mosque’s plan to broadcast call to prayer from loudspeaker ‘will create Muslim ghetto’

Muslim elders at an Oxford mosque have said they intend to push ahead with plans to broadcast a call to prayer from a loudspeaker despite fierce opposition. …

Mass immigration has left Britain ‘unrecognisable’, says Nigel Farage

That’s how London became ‘Londonistan.’

Ex-Gitmo Detainee Turned ‘Human Rights Activist’ Charged with Terror Offences

West Midlands police have accused Moonbat darling Moazzam Begg– who founded the CagePrisoners organisation following his stint in Guantanamo Bay – of providing terrorist training and funding overseas terrorism. He is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court in London today.

You know there is something wrong when Muslims call a mosque “church”

UK:  ‘Islamist plot to take over schools’

Leaked papers reveal an alleged plan to target ailing schools, force out heads and convert classes to Islamic principles

Richard Kerbaj and Sian Griffiths Published: 2 March 2014

Tina Ireland resigned as head of Regents Park school last yearTina Ireland resigned as head of Regents Park school last year

AN APPARENT plot by Muslim fundamentalists to destabilise and take over state schools in England is being investigated by council officials and monitored by police.

Birmingham city council began an inquiry after the circulation of what purport to be strategy documents outlining ways of ousting head teachers in Muslim areas of the city in order to establish schools run on Islamic principles.

The anonymous documents were passed by the council to West Midlands police. The paperwork, which appears to have been written by disaffected Muslims, has been leaked to The Sunday Times. It is not known whether the council’s investigation, which was opened in November, has established the authorship of the documents.

The revelation comes as a further setback for the government’s academies and free schools programme, where institutions are freed from council control and run as semi-independent bodies by a sponsor or trust.

The documents highlight a five-step strategy….

If the West Midlands police is involved, it means this is going nowhere. The WMP is heavily infiltrated by Mustards and enablers. It needs a massive shakeup…..

4 thoughts on “UK: Muselplan to Turn Schools Into Islamic Indoctrination Centres”

  1. The papers say the first step is to identify poor-performing state schools in Muslim areas; then Salafist parents in each school are encouraged to complain that teachers are “corrupting children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children say Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports”.

    They say parents should:

    Parachute in Muslim governors to “drip-feed” ideals for a Muslim school
    Have an “English face” to campaigns to turn secular schools into faith-based academies
    “Wear down” the resolve of a headteacher at a targeted school … anonymous letters are to be circulated to MPs, press and ministers. “All these things will work towards wearing the head down, removing their resolve and weakening their mindset so they eventually give up.”
    One school mentioned in the Sunday Times report was Regents Park Primary, where headmistress Tina Ireland was given an “outstanding” Ofsted report but resigned last year after questions were raised on exam performance.

  2. Has already happened in the UK – an excellent head teacher was removed due to pressure from muslim scum in Woking. The story was covered in verious news articles but few seem to have understood what they read. This also happened some years ago.

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