We need a cull of NASA-funded mathematicians…


NASA, Obama’s outreach agency for interfaith and globull worming:

As usual, we’re toast:

After running the numbers on a set of four equations representing human society, a team of NASA-funded mathematicians has come to the grim conclusion that the utter collapse of human civilization will be “difficult to avoid.” 

The exact scenario may vary, but in the coming decades humanity is essentially doomed to some variant of “Elites” consuming too much, “resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society.”

That is, unless civilization is ready for one of two “major policy changes”: inequality must be “greatly reduced” or population growth must be “strictly controlled.”—DOOOOMED AGAIN by Tim Blair

“We are educating the students in the Quran, and in the Quran it is written that it is every Muslim’s obligation to wage jihad”

Yes indeed. But there’s really nothing to worry because we all know that jihad means peaceful inner struggle, right?



 “U.S. management of the internet has been exemplary and there is no reason to give this away — especially in return for nothing,- this is the Obama equivalent of Carter’s decision to give away the Panama Canal — only with possibly much worse consequences.”

The U.S. government’s plan to give away authority over the Internet’s core architecture to the “global Internet community” could endanger the security of both the Internet and the U.S. — and open the door to a global tax on Web use.

Blather vs jihad? That’ll work. Interfaithing dolts, take it away!


From climate change to slavery to forced marriage, solutions can only be found through time spent in dialogue and deep exchange.

“…rather than scoff and make derogatory comments, we discussed the issue sensibly in a public forum. We discovered that forced marriage is not a Muslim issue….” — (These people are the problem. They are too dumb to be part of the solution.)

Muslims thrown out of New York skyscraper for praying

Sounds so innocent, doesn’t it?

Of course they knew:

In other news:

 Labor votes to keep the carbon tax – after promising it would never be introduced in the first place.

“Leading economists” support it, claims Green spokesturd Christine Milne.

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  1. Folks – if you dont understand what the mathematecians are doing don’t bother commenting. A model gives a prediction – actually based on a variation of predator-prey models the prediction is probably plasible. The prediction suggests disaster so do you run around like a headless chicken?? No!! You figure the variables you can change to modify the predicted outcome to some thing more favourable. It is a tool designed to guide with CAUTION

  2. More often then not, in the 20th century, most famines were government engineered by a tyrannical government.

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