Camden Ukip chairman says ‘Islam is organised crime’ comment is ‘backed up by Quran’

A UK Independence Party (Ukip) candidate who made national headlines for describing Islam as “organised crime” says he does not regret making the comment and insists it is backed up by “quotations from the Quran”.

Ham & High

1856905042Camden Ukip chairman Magnus Nielsen, 64, who is bidding to become a councillor in West Hampstead, has made numerous posts on his Facebook page about the religion, including one in which he says “Islam is organised crime under religious camouflage”.

After the post was picked up the national press last week, Mr Nielsen spoke to theHam&High about his comments.

He said: “I don’t regret anything I’ve said. Whatever I said, I say having taken proper study of the circumstance and everything I said can be backed up by quotations from the Quran.

“What I have not said is that all Muslims are criminals, I don’t believe that is true.


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Nation of Hysterical Lynch Mobs

Regardless of what Donald Sterling said, it is his right to say what he wants in private. It is called freedom of speech. Its the hooker who committed a crime.  Taping private conversations with him without his knowledge is illegal, and so is blackmail.

Donald Sterling is what he is. What the NBA is doing is a thousand times worse.

Allen West:

Yes, Donald Sterling is a jerk, but I think y’all are missing the point about this story 

Bill Maher Tweeted:

Calm down,being an asshole is still legal in America

10268482_10152709261086729_1302647991308348679_nThe national outrage against Mr. Sterling has come from an act that could be illegal and inadmissible in a court of law. Nevertheless, the court of public opinion has tried and convicted Mr. Sterling of being a jerk.

Have we come to the point that private conversations can be taped and released in the public domain in order to ruin the livelihood –pursuit of happiness — of private citizens? Ms. Stiviano, or whomever, knew exactly what they wanted the end result to be as they released this tape to TMZ.

Sterling is a jerk, an unlikeable fella, but is he guilty of a crime that demands his property be confiscated? Uh, no.

We’re told however that Obama is a likable fella –regardless of the incessant lies, deceit and abject failures. What is happening to American culture and values?

I don’t like jerks, but I really don’t like jerks who are liars, do you?


Here’s Mark Steyn:

Oprah says Magic (Johnson) wants the team, and, if Oprah says it, it’s probably going to happen. So let’s see: Donald Sterling’s mistress takes Magic Johnson to a Clippers game. And, in the course of complaining about her swanning around with Magic Johnson, Donald Sterling makes some racist remarks. So they take the team away from Donald Sterling and transfer it to …Magic Johnson. Gee, that’s awfully neat.

I miss those Fleet Street sportswriters.

 Obama: NBA did “the right thing”

Obama believes the NBA did “the right thing” by banning L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, the White House said on Wednesday.

Oh boy, when the Muslim POTUS passes judgement, it stinks like when he passes wind.

Here’s the post where I’m accused of defending Donald Sterling (Matt Walsh)

A Strictly Professional Relationship–

V. Stiviano “Very Saddened” By NBA’s Ban of Donald Sterling – Says She Didn’t Release Tapes

v stiviano
V. Stiviano claims her relationship with Donald Sterling was ALWAYS professional. (TMZ)

V. Stiviano says she is “very saddened” that Donald Sterling was banned by the NBA. She also claims she did not release their taped conversation. The LA Times reported, via The Last Tradition:(GWP)

UK: Subway Drops Pork For Muslims


In the UK, Muslims are at the very top of the liberal caste system, so that pandering to them takes priority over all other interests. Allowing your culture to be absorbed and eventually eradicated by another has its costs. Two of the costs Britons are paying are ham and bacon:


UK: Subway caves to Muslim demands, removes pork, sells only halal meat

In the caption on a photo accompanying this article, the reliably dimwitted Daily Mail writes: “Nearly 200 Subway branches across the UK and Ireland have cut out ham and bacon, selling only halal meat, in response to demand from their multicultural customers.”

Their “multicultural customers”? And exactly what multiplicity of cultures demanded that Subway drop ham and bacon and sell only halal meat? Most likely that demand came from people of only one culture, and has rendered these 200 Subway restaurants less multicultural than before: now non-Muslims in Britain who would like to enjoy a Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt or an Italian sub with pepperoni are out of luck: Muslims and Sharia-compliant dhimmis are the only ones who will be served.


The Islamization of Britain gallops on: “Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims who can only eat halal meat,” by (dizzy Miss Lizzie) Parry, Daily Mail, April 30, 2014 (thanks to JW):

Around 200 branches of Subway have cut ham and bacon from their menus, serving halal meat in response to calls from their Muslim customers.

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Free Speech 'Bigots' vs Anti Free Speech 'Philosophers'

Mark Steyn:

In Australia, they’re trying to get rid of Section 18c. The Aussie campaign is not going well.

What’s going on? Well, in the western world today, there are far more lobby groups for censorship – under polite euphemisms such as “diversity”, “human rights”, “hate speech” – than there are for freedom of expression.

If you attempt to roll back a law like Section 18c, you’ll be opposed by the aboriginal lobby, the Muslim lobby, the Jewish lobby, the LGBT lobby, the higher-education lobby…. And you’ll be supported by …hardly anyone, save for me and Andrew Bolt and the usual suspects.

Support Mark Steyn’s battle against Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann. Go here.

Leftoids and special interest groups threaten to derail Tony Abbots promise to restore free speech DownUnder:

Act of uncertainty

The right to call someone a Balmain basket weaver is not curtailed by section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Balmain residents are not defined as an ethnic group, at least not according to law.

UnknownAs  (Australia’s one and only anti-free speech “philosopher”)  Race Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane assured readers of The Age recently:

The law only covers acts with a clear racial basis. It doesn’t extend to trivial slights.

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‘One Nation Under Allah’: The Islamization of American Public Schools

Your kids will be Muslims:

Pamela Geller:

11-islam flagEndless concessions and accommodations to Islamic demands only give way to more demands for even more Islam, as shown in the recent blockbuster revelations of an Islamic takeover of UK public schools. What is less well known is the same kinds of things are happening here in the United States.

So outrageous were the allegations that the usually subdued and sharia-compliant British authorities initiated an investigation into the charges that devout Muslims covertly sought to “Islamize” the public schools in the UK. The bombshell was dropped last month in a leaked letter, describing an operation purportedly named “Trojan Horse.” According to Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph, the jihad ringleader of the Trojan Horse plot constructed and implemented a “detailed blueprint for the radical ‘Islamisation’ of secular state schools.” The plot was so severe that a number of UK schools now face “special measures,” which is the British term for (at worst) closings and (at best) a takeover of the school administration.

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Dr. Bill Warner: How to support Paul Weston, and how to oppose totalitarian authority

Dr. Bill Warner: How to support Paul Weston, and how to oppose totalitarian authority.

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Eeyore (Vlad Tepes)[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Quote-Churchill

In other news:

In other news:

Czech Republic: Muslim leaders denounce police over raids at Islamic institutions in Prague

Here again, as always, we see Muslim leaders reacting to a counter-terror action not by standing with the police against the “extremism” they ostensibly oppose, but by denouncing the police for offending Islam by the way they conducted the raid. This is akin to the perennial “Palestinian” claims that every Israeli counter-terror action is “disproportionate,” […] Continue Reading »


Another day, another Egyptian blood libel

Paul Weston on The Arena, Michael Coren’s show

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Eeyore (Vlad Tepes)

From the Religion of Peace:

Leaving Islam (After Reading the Quran)  (Molschky)

Muslims who want to believe the best about Islam are better off not studying it.

‘Palestine’ 1695: No Palestinians  (WordPress)

A tour and census of the Israeli region from 300 does not show any Arabian names.

Sharia Compliant Student Loans in the UK  (Gatestone)

Creeping Sharia in Britain is no longer behind the scenes.

‘Good Quran’ vs. ‘Radical Quran’  (FrontPage Magazine)

(Video) An interview with Dr. Mordechai Kedar.

What Blair Should Have Said  (Jerusalem Post)

“While millions of Muslims around the world do shun the violent or extreme tenets of the religion, these are endorsed by all the Islamic authorities who matter.”

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim Majority  (CFP)

“No wonder there is no mass movement in the Muslim community to stand up against brutality against women or minorities.”

Another day, another Egyptian blood libel

Egyptian newspaper Al Talyia News has an article by columnist Ghada Abd El Moneim (translated byShawarma News):

We received news of a (classified) CIA report that was leaked by the Egyptian General Intelligence, the report points to the truth of the information circulating in the Arab region about the brutality and secret rituals practiced by the Jews in their festivals such as Passover and Chanukah, including the slaughter of non-Jews and offering human sacrifices to the God, and confirming that Jewish extremists of Palestinian origin did kill a number of children to mix their blood (for the baking) of matzos for Chanukah every now and then, as well as confirming their killing of foreign children from African countries, Palestinian, Egyptian, Moroccan children, Egyptian prisoners of war, Palestinian prisoners to use their blood for the baking of matzos for Chanukah.

The article links to a lengthy YouTube video that purports to prove how Jews ritually murder Christians.

Moneim also posted the article on her Facebook page.

As usual, it is impossible to find any articles in Egypt – or even comments to these articles – that say that the blood libel is a lie.

Oh, and a major Egyptian newspaper, Al Masry Al Youm, had an article on Sunday about how the Holocaust is just a means for Israel to blackmail the world and oppress Palestinians.

Eurabia: here comes another 800.000 cultural enrichers

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat. If you say something, they will put you in jail:

Italy says 800,000 migrants  ‘guest workers’  poised to arrive

Border police say reception system ‘already at breaking point’


(By Sandra Cordon) (ANSAmed) – ROME, APRIL 29 – At least 800,000 migrants are about to depart the North African coast for Europe, while the reception system in Italy – the first landing point for the vast majority of these – is already on the brink of collapse from tens of thousands of earlier arrivals, official said Tuesday.

“We no longer have a place to take them, and locals are overwhelmed by the constant arrival of foreigners,” Giovanni Pinto, head of the Immigration and Border Police agency, told a joint meeting of the foreign and defence committees in the Italian Senate.

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Islam is using the freedoms of democracy to destroy it….

Saudis ask Norway to ban slurs on prophet

“The future must not belong to those who…..”

Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries accused Norway of doing too little to protect its Muslim minority, with Saudi Arabia calling for all criticism of religions or their prophets to be made illegal. …


More demands for protection of the preposterous false prophet of islam at The Local (and who is protecting the non Muslims in Islamic countries?)

British House of Lords baroness warns Israeli audience about threat of Islamists.

BARONESS CAROLINE COX speaks at TAU’s Green House yesterday.  Baroness Caroline Cox of Queensbury warned about the growing threat of political Islam in Britain and Africa at an event hosted by the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University and The Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies on Monday.

“Islam is using the freedoms of democracy to destroy it,” as some of its adherents try to “inhibit criticism,” said Cox, speaking at the Green House next to the university.

More on decaying Britain and its loss of freedoms at The Jerusalem Post thanks to Mullah, pbuh

The meaning of "never again"

Never again. To Jews it means a refusal to give genocidal bigots another go at them. To Obama, it means refusing to ever again have to listen to an Israeli leader explain why his country cannot commit territorial suicide in order to appease a gang of genocidal bigots.

Daniel Greenfield

In other news:

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