A Mosque for Athens?

Turk Bull tells us:

Athens today is the only European capital without an official mosque for its Muslim residents, and although there are plans to build one, the issue has attracted much controversy and is still yet to produce a solid project.

Athens was once home to many mosques during  Ottoman times….

Was it?

Athens mayor candidate Aris Stiliotopulos is reported to have said that issues such as these should be decided by the people, but in classic right-wing rhetoric added that Athens has ‘no more room for asylum seekers’.

3 thoughts on “A Mosque for Athens?”

  1. To borrow from the Palestinian apologists favored quote, One man’s “Ottoman times” is another mans Conquerors.

    The Greeks have not forgotten what the Occupiers/Ottomans did to their kin. Nor the tyranny that they lived under for hundreds of years that prohibited them from speaking their own language or practicing their own religion freely. Century after century of darkness.

    Funnily enough, when the apologist want to cite examples of Muslim propaganda of generosity and kindness towards Christians and Jews they always cite Spain and Andalusia. You know, where the so called “Golden Age” of plurality and tolerance that Muslims allegedly practiced, but funnily enough, such generosity and humanity, cough…is never cited when one talks of Greece. Silence. Where was the Greek “Golden Age”? Where is the continuity from the greatest religion ever?

  2. Just as lotto winners ofter go bankrupt because they cannot distinguish between “a huge amount” and “an infinite amount”, so the elite of Europe are unable to grasp the concept of finite resources.
    Greece, like the UK is a smallish area of land. Just look at a map. Compare it to the Arab muslim land masses and tell me then that we have room.
    We have limited room and resources – while we want to help these people, we cannot. There are too many of them and too few of us.

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