Abbas to Israel: only if you release our murderers we will talk to you….

…but he offers nothing  in return:


When he opens his mouth he lies:

In discussions with PLO officials over national unity, “PA President” Abbas says he would agree to extension of Mideast peace talks if Israel frees final group of Palestinian prisoners, halts settlement construction and then he turns around and says the exact opposite:

Abbas contradicts media reports, says “Palestinians” won’t recognize Israel

Once again the mainstream media gets a story wrong, and once again reports falsehoods and half-truths in a way that makes Israel look bad. One might almost think they had a sinister agenda, if everyone didn’t already know that mainstream media reporters were as honest as the day is long. “Palestinians will not recognise Israel […] Continue Reading »

Chief “Palestinian” “peace” negotiator claims Hamas not a terrorist organization

Of course not. No Muslim can be a terrorist. Only those who oppose the spread of Islam are terrorists….

Abbas administered the “coup de grace” to the peace talks, Israeli official says.

The opposite of diversity is university:

Two students are suing the University of Hawaii for violating their First Amendment rights after administrator prevented them from distributing copies…
“There is no liberal Islam or socialist Islam. You are either a Muslim or a jahilliah,” said Zaid Abdul Rahman. He also said: “Islam is Islam. Ideologies are not part of…
“Human rights has been turned (by the West) into a field for blackmailing and attacking the (Islamic) establishment,” said Mohammad Javad Larijani, Chief of…(JIHAD WATCH)

From Nigeria to Sweden:

More than 200 teenage girls have been kidnapped in Nigeria, rapes have skyrocketed in Sweden. What the heck is going on?  (Allen West)

9/11Last Letters of the 9/11 Muslim Terrorists: “Remind your brothers that this act is for Almighty Allah” The “interfaith panel” of dhimmis and apologists have raised objections to the portrayal of jihad and Islam in a short 7-minute film that is part of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. These seditious idiots were pleased with the photos […]READ MORE

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