Dumbing Down

Cry your heart out for the Boston Bomber

Pamela Geller:

This is moral inversion. Sick and depraved, the NY Times has sunk to an altogether new low. Is it any wonder, their circulation is in the tank and sinking? These bastards deserve to go out of business.

Media ♥ Jihad: NY Times Cries for Boston Jihad Bomber: “He cannot mingle, speak or pray with other prisoners”

The NY Times has really gone over to the dark side. And they are not alone.


 “I think we often forget that the God of Islam is the same as Christians and Judaism”

“In Islam, they recognize Jesus as a prophet, and they have great respect for Jesus,” Hochhalter added. “I think too often all (people) hear about Islam in the news is terrorism.” —Fort Morgan is a very diverse community, with people of a wide range of ethnicities and beliefs. (Thanks to Mullah, -pbuh)

No more spying on Muslims:

NY TIMES: The New York Police Department has abandoned a secretive program that dispatched plainclothes detectives into Muslim neighborhoods to eavesdrop on conversations and built detailed files on where people ate, prayed and shopped, the department said.–Read more at Pat Dollard

“Islam is a divine religion because men inherit more than women…”

OnIslam repackages reality:

 Islam, as a divine religion, sets down rules that strike a balance between men’s responsibilities and women’s rights.

islam-wife-beating1-300x205Islam gives the girl half of her brother’s share in inheritance because Islamic Law doesn’t oblige her to spend any money on anybody other than herself. —On Islam

Ground Zero Mosqueteer Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Building Bridges, Again


So it is important, as this anniversary approaches, that we redouble our efforts to build bridges among the faiths to counter Islamophobia and to explain that true Muslims who submit to the will of God find violence abhorrent and attacks on innocents a violation of their faith.– Rauf Soapbox @ PuffHo


Robert Spencer in the Daily Caller:

The Boston bombing and the “Islamophobia” scam

 The Boston Marathon jihad bombing was the bitter fruit of the ongoing anti-”Islamophobia” witch hunt conducted by the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations and its allied groups….Continue Reading »

Video: Robert Spencer explains how FBI could have stopped Boston bombings, warns of more jihad attacks

2 thoughts on “Dumbing Down”

  1. Muslim also say that they love the American Constitution…yet tell them that Jesus is God and they will kill you, tell theem that the Constitution recognizes the right of man to liberty of conscience and they will silence you.

  2. Pulease, when has the NYT ever left the dark side? Their eventual demise and low numbers should be celebrated.

    The only thing Muslims like about the American Constitution, is to use it to protects their own “religion” and their own “free speech” but they actually complain when other Americans different to them are afforded those same rights.

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