Fanatical Frenzy in Londonistan; chaos at Regents Park mosque, Muslims "baying for blood".

Obviously no longer Regents Park, its now a zoo for Mohammedan primates:

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EEE1B56B31484973B6BD3B8615B674C6“We are here to oppose the British government and the war against Islam and Muslims,” claimed Choudary, while another speaker shouted into a PA system, “Call me a terrorist, call me an extremist”.  Eyewitnesses called the scenes “chaotic”, claiming that the crowds of Islamists were “baying for blood”. 


There were extraordinary scenes yesterday outside the Regent’s Park Mosque in London as the road was blocked by Islamist protestors and counter-demonstrators.

Anjem Choudary, the radical cleric had announced that he was calling a “Rally Against British Crusade” to be held after Friday prayers. The English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First groups both responded by calling counter-demos against Choudary. I arrived at the Mosque to find the two British nationalist groups already present. There were around twenty of them, which later swelled to double that number with late comers. They were penned in by police barriers across the road as people were convening for prayer.

As the prayers finished, hundreds of Muslims came out to the sight of Union Flags and EDL members. As it was a bank holiday and most of London was not working, there was a huge congregation for Friday prayers, most of whom seemed unaware of the “Rally against British Crusade”. They were suddenly very aware of British nationals gathered chanting outside the mosque.

The police quickly made a line to separate the two groups, but there was a lot of shouting and bottles thrown back and forth.

My impression was that there were about 50 Islamists that were actually protesting and trying to aggravate the counter protesters and the many hundred others were simply leaving prayers, watching and caught up in the drama. Young men especially were incensed and vocally upset at the sight of the EDL. At one point the EDL even called out that they were not anti-Muslim, but anti-Sharia and anti-terrorist.

A small group of Choudary’s close associates including terror convict Abu Izzadeen were deliberately trying to get as close as possible to the Britain First protesters, and both sides were taunting each other. At one point a group of the Islamist protesters suddenly tried to knock cameras out of the hands of all journalists within reach. I witnessed a female camera woman who later told me she was working on a BBC documentary being pushed and shoved by a group of Muslim men.

The scale of drama was largely unexpected. One man told me he has been attending that mosque every week for 30 years and had never seen anything like it. At one point it seemed very scary due to the sheer numbers of people, but the fact was that a lot of the crowd were moderate Muslims who did not try to escalate matters.

The protest lasted about an hour after which time the anti-Sharia protesters left voluntarily with a police escort. The police blocked the road to stop any of the Muslims following, although one or two did follow and were later arrested after some scuffles. The original rally continued after this with associates of Choudary speaking of the need for Sharia in Britain. By this point less than 100 people remained.

A loan man wearing an Arsenal supporter’s hat arrived with a megaphone and started saying “thats it folks shows over, the blind leading the blind over again for now” and he was immediately surrounded by Muslim men saying “who are you calling blind?”

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