2 thoughts on “Home on the Ranch”

  1. At least in those days they had stable families (yes, slave owners made an effort to keep families together) and they weren’t living by crime and killing each other.

  2. I am thinking, that the slaves, here in America,probably had a higher standard of living than did their relatives that lived in Africa, in that, in exchange for their labor, they received, in return, all of the necessities of life, such as food, clothing, shelter, & medical treatment & they didn’t have to worry about being eaten by their fellow blacks, which was always a concern, in Africa, where cannibalism was common.
    But in any case, slavery was certainly a very good thing for today’s African Americans, BECAUSE, if it weren’t for slavery, then today’s African Americans, would just be “Africans”, living in Africa,..and I don’t think that many of today’s African Americans would find that possibility very appealing, because I don’t see a lot of them renouncing their American citizenship, & heading back to the bosom of Mother Africa,..
    So,..I am thinking, that today’s African Americans, need to get down on their hands & knees, every day, & thank the “Good lord, in Heaven Above”, for slavery, because, it is because of slavery, that they are living the “good life” here in America, today,..

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