Megyn Kelly vs Ibrahim Hooper PART 2.

Megyn Kelly Ibrahim Hooper Kelly File PART 2.
Kelly vs   CAIR Spokesturd Fibbi Hooper

Background here:

Apparently, the war on inequality now includes oppressing African women who have had their vaginas cut off and may be murdered at any given moment.  (StreetCarnage)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a black-as-coal woman who had her clitoris cut off at age 5 when her dad was away on business (he’s totally against genital mutilation). She grew up as a Muslim scholar but after doing her due diligence, realized the religion has a dangerous agenda. When she made a film explaining this, Muslims killed the director to prove her wrong. Then they issued a fatwa on her. Despite this lifetime of oppression she’s become a successful political figure and brilliant speaker on the topic of extremist Islam. Oprah had a shitty childhood. Ayaan is a refugee. Is there another intellectual on the planet with more credibility than Ali? Malala Yousafzai has a similar background but she’s not nearly as educated as Ayaan. In fact, that’s Malala’s whole point.

Anyway, Brandeis University offered her an honorary degree. Then, when the Muslim Students Association protested, they quickly changed their minds and said, “We cannot overlook certain of her past statements.” They might be referring to rumors  she sympathized with Anders Breivik but no such quote exists. The school can give a million fake reasons but we all know they revoked the degree  because someone was offended.

What I find totally hilarious about these new crusaders for equality is they are now oppressing an African refugee who was mutilated as a child and has a fatwa on her head. This woman has studied Islam for decades and in the New World Order, she’s an ignorant racist. Way to go, America!