Muslim men can’t protect their wives from being raped… but can murder them

Islamic Holy Man advises believers how to get rid of a pesky wive: pay somebody to rape her so she can be stoned to death legally….

Head of Egyptian Islamic Party: “If You’re Afraid, Let Your Wife Be Raped”

Daniel Greenfield

2011-634587685616421776-642 (1)Sheikh Yasser Burhami is the Vice President of the Salafi Cell and the spiritual leader of the Islamist Nour Party which has become a political force in Egypt.

When last we encountered the good Sheikh, he was saying that Christians have no right to hold office in Egypt.

“We will not permit an infidel [kafir] to be appointed to a post where he assumes authority over Muslims. This is forbidden. Allah said: “Never will Allah grant to infidels a way [to triumph] over the believers [Koran 4:141].”

Furthermore, he says that “Muslims must not let Christians take part in their religious celebrations because they are polytheists.”

“The Christians [of Egypt] can be dealt with like the Jews of Al-Medina. This is possible.”

Now he has more tips for devout Muslims on when to allow one’s wife to be raped and when to kill her.

Burhami published his fatwas on the website, which is associated with his Salafist Call movement, the spiritual arm of the political al-Nour Party. He added that allowing one’s wife to be raped is like getting mugged for money.

“In this case he is forced [to surrender her] and not obliged [to defend her],” he said.

The other bizarre fatwa – that said a Muslim man could on religious grounds kill his wife if he caught her in the act of sexual intercourse with another man -also subjected Burhami to another wave of criticism.

So Muslim men can’t protect their wives from being raped… but can murder them. True courage.

Many took to social media to contest both of Burhami’s statements.

“If am married to Burhami, it’s haram to save him whether I live or die,” said one Twitter user, in reference to his fatwa on rape.

“May God avenge you, #Burhami you and those like you,” said another.

“They say the only animal who does not protect his females … is Yasser Burhami,” another Twitter user said.

That seems unfair to animals.

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  1. This guy is ultra creepy, even by Muslim standards. I have never wanted to put a bullet in someones head as much as his. He is not even a Man . He is a Gutless , Women hating, Filthy , Dirty, Slimy , Piece of S—. Muslims like him just make me hate them more and more. They will piss so many people off soon, that there will be a huge backlash against Muslim communities every where. They will be the Architects of their own demise. That day for me cannot come soon enough.

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