'Peace Process' & Other Delusions

What do you get when the lame follow the blind?

EU: Radicals mustn’t be allowed to take over peace talks


“We support the efforts of the Secretary of State (John) Kerry ,” EU Forgiven Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said following a meeting of the European foreign ministers in Athens.

Kerry’s lie lead to talks blowing up

John Kerry's two faces

After US announces it is reviewing its role in peace talks, European foreign ministers throw support behind Kerry.

The ‘peace process’ in a nutshell

Peace process in a nutshell

Pretty accurate, isn’t it. But where’s Hussein Obama? (Israel Matzav)

king abbas

PA: Israeli lab “turned marijuana into heroin” for Pali use

Israel “vomits drugs onto our land”

First of all, its not ‘their land’. Jews, not Arab Muslims, are the legitimate heirs of Israel. The Arabs have 56 nations that are religiously obliged to take them in as ‘brothers’. The second part is libel and projection. In reality Mohammedans are the biggest drug dealers in the world.

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

One of the libels the Palestinian Authority continuously spreads about Israel and that Palestinian Media Watch has documented is that Israel intentionally distributes drugs in order to harm Palestinians, especially Palestinian youth. Recently, the official spokesman of the PA Security Forces Adnan Al-Damiri reiterated this libel, stating that Israel “has spit up and vomited a shocking amount of drugs onto our land.” He explained that the PA had even seized a lab “turning marijuana into heroin.” (PMW notes that marijuana cannot be turned into heroin.)