Resistance in Germany

Six Palestinians attack Israeli in Berlin

”Anti-Semitism: Punched in the face because he is Israeli.”

Palestinian protest BerlinProtestors wave with Palestinian flags and shout slogans during a demonstration in Berlin Photo: REUTERS

BERLIN – A group of six “Palestinian youths” punched an Israeli in the face on Friday in Berlin after they questioned him about citizenship.

The 31-year-old Israeli filed a criminal complaint, according to the daily B.Z. newspaper.


Germany: four-thousand  ‘Antifa’ -loons against 100 ‘right wingers’

Berlin : 4000 brave antifascists prevent takeover by 100 National Party right wingers

 4000 brave antifascists were deployed in Berlin, who bareley managed  to stop (with police assistance)  a 100 -strong , all-powerful demonstration by the NPD. Had the cowardly NPD moved 300 meters  further forward , this would have meant the immediate takeover by a new Hitler, Berlin today would be in the hands of fascists. Unthinkable ! Mayor Wowereit and RAF lawyer Ströbele thanked the brave 4000 anti-fascists that they defended democracy in Berlin  so heroically . Finally, the NPD as  a party is banned, yes, and has no right to demonstrate. What were they thinking! We therefore propose that President Gauck on the first of May –  awards all the brave antifascists –  4000 Red Front fighters, who have been putting their lives on the line, the Federal Cross of Merit! Long live democracy ! (Translated from PI Antifaschisten verhindern Machtübernahme von 100 NPDlern)

A Call to Collective Resistance

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Back in February, Rembrandt Clancy translated a batch of textual material and subtitled a video about the judicial persecution of Conny Axel Meier in Germany. Mr. Meier has been charged with “insult” for what he said about the judge in the case of Michael Mannheimer — who had himself been previously tried and convicted for “insult” by a German court.

As a part of his report, Rembrandt Clancy included among his translations the last four paragraphs of Michael Mannheimer’s manifesto reminding his fellow Islam-critics that “the German people have the right and duty to rise up against ALL forces, which are poised to abolish the German Constitution”. Now the translator has made the entire text available in English. 

Michael Mannheimer’s Introduction to his “Call to Resistance of the German People pursuant to Article 20, Section 4 of the German Constitution”

Original Source: Michael Mannheimer Blog

The call for the implementation of Article 20, Section 4 of the German Constitution first appeared on 8 April 2011 as a reader’s comment on PI [Politically Incorrect], and shortly thereafter as an editorial contribution for and now can be found on numerous other national and international websites as well. It is from my own hand. There are no organisations behind this call, neither is there a political party or a particular Islam-critical website behind it. Its origin lies in my own heart alone and in my knowledge about the tremendous danger to which our country is exposed through an increasingly accelerating Islamisation.

Article 20, Section 4 of the Constitution reads as follows:

All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available. [Official English translation of the German Bundestag]

I am fully conscious of the consequences of my Call. There is now sufficient knowledge of Islam to allow everyone an informed assessment.

If we in Germany do not take immediate action, then after just a few years we will be incapable of it for demographic reasons. I have initiated this Call out of deep concern for our country, our splendid occidental civilisation and the future of our children and grandchildren. The political elites, in their blind pro-Islamic policy, supported massively by most of the media, ignore the legitimate anxiety of their people concerning Islamisation and they continue unabated with this policy, which is against the will of the people as well as against the content and spirit of the Constitution.

The German people must therefore take their fate into their own hands. It remains to be seen whether they are in the position to do that.

— Michael Mannheimer, 9 April 2011

“This unwritten but higher right, which constitutes a right to resistance whenever the installed, codified law turns into injustice, is the basis of what, in more than 2000 years of European history and culture, has been contemplated and conceived as natural law. That right is the ultimate fundamental principle for the culture and politics of Europe; for it is by this conception of a higher law over and beyond the entire codified, installed and abstractly conceived law, that in the end we have the right and duty to measure whether that which is held as valid is in reality also just.”

— Prof. Dr. Günter Rohrmoser, German social philosopher

Call to General Resistance of the German People Pursuant to Article 20, Section 4 of the German Constitution

Original Source: Michael Mannheimer Blog

A public appeal to all freedom-loving citizens of Germany and to all people in our country who wish our children and children’s children to live their lives in freedom and human dignity.

Now that even the Church is embracing Islam, the worst imaginable enemy of freedom, equality and brotherhood of all men, the last bastion of resistance against misanthropic Fascism has fallen to Islam.

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Antifa vs Republicans, in German:

Berlin: 4000 tapfere Antifaschisten verhindern Machtübernahme von 100 NPDlern

Gestern sind in Berlin 4000 tapfere Antifaschisten aufmarschiert, die eine 100 Mann starke, übermächtige Demo der NPD nach 200 Metern mit Polizeihilfe gerade noch stoppen konnten. Wäre das feige NPD-Pack nur 300 Meter weiter vorwärts gelangt, hätte dies die sofortige Machtübernahme eines neuen Hitlers bedeutet, Berlin wäre heute faschistisch. Nicht auszudenken! Bürgermeister Wowereit und RAF-Anwalt Ströbele dankten den 4000 wackeren Antifaschisten, daß sie die Demokratie in Berlin so heldenhaft verteidigt haben. Schließlich ist die NPD als Partei ja verboten und hat nichts zu demonstrieren. Wo kämen wir da sonst hin! Wir schlagen deshalb vor, daß Bundespräsident Gauck am ersten Mai – da sind die tapferen Antifaschisten eh gerade wieder unterwegs – allen 4000 Rotfront-Kämpfern, die unter Einsatz ihres Lebens ihren Mann und ihre Frau gestanden haben, das Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande verleiht! Es lebe die Demokratie!