Sweden: seeking 'women who've had positive experiences with genital mutilation'

Does it get any more bizarre? How perverse are these ‘tolerant’ multiculturalists?

Cut the Clitoris Relativism  (PJ Media)

The apologists assure us that Female Genital Mutilation has nothing to do with Islam, but are they really right?


Swedens Leftoids Disgrace Humanity, seek ‘women who’ve had positive experiences with genital mutilation’

First, note the whitewashing phrasing: “female genital *surgeries*”, instead of calling this *mutilation*.

Swedish state goes pro-FGM to avoid being “racist

In March 2014, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU, launched a campaign to promote vaginal health. The federation decided to leave out any criticism of Female Genital Mutilation in order not to play into the hands of “xenophobic” forces, especially because 2014 is election year. If you have the nerve — I don’t — to watch a video of FGM, click here (warning: extremely graphic video!). Via 10news.dk, translated from Fria Tider:

In spring 2011, RFSU’s taxpayer-funded newspaper Ottar Report published an article that openly whitewashed Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The newspaper wrote that “Western structural racism” and “post-colonial prejudices” were the cause for claims that women who have had their genitals cut off suffer from such surgery. Instead, the RFSU newspaper wanted to recognize “women’s positive experiences” with genital mutilation.

Mainstream U.S. Muslim Jurists Association Sanctions Female Genital Mutilation

Dr Andrew Bostom

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America’s (AMJA [1]’s) mission statement maintains the organization was,

…founded to provide guidance for Muslims living in North America…AMJA is a religious organization that does not exploit religion to achieve any political ends, but instead provides practical solutions within the guidelines of Islam and the nation’s laws to the various challenges experienced by Muslim communities…

A report in The Muslim Observer [2] published October 21, 2010 highlighting AMJA’s “seventh annual American conference of imams,” confirmed that the organization is accepted [2] as such by the mainstream American Muslim community. AMJA and its “training” conference for American imams were described [2] in these banal terms: (full text below the fold)

In other news:

 “Everybody was happy when the planes hit the World Trade Center”

NEW YORK — An Egyptian Islamic preacher’s statements that “everybody was happy” when the World Trade Center was hit by airplanes can be heard by a jury sitting just blocks from the site of the Sept. 11 attacks, a judge ruled Tuesday.

The organization AMJA (Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America) has a list of scholars associated with it which stretches from Al-Azhar University to Virginia’s Open University, and back across the ocean to the professors at Saudi universities. Its website,amjaonline.com, provides fatawa on many issues and promises 24-hour access to scholars who can give legal opinions on the issues people face. AMJA focuses on providing fatwas to Americans, and believes it is able to provide culturally appropriate fatwas although many of their scholars are not American–because they have some American scholars and because of the technological ties that bind AMJA’s American scholars with those abroad. AMJA just had, in Houston, its seventh annual American conference of imams, and two local Michigan imams attended, namely Imam Musa of Bloomfield’s Muslim Unity Center, and Imam Ali of MCWS. Mr. Sadiqul Hassan of AMJA explained that “the event was the 7th annual imam workshop…” Mr. Hassan said that AMJA is “a fiqh council basically,” with “scholars who live abroad and inside the US; we have experts in different fields to educate about life in the US–fatawa are based on life in the US.”

AMJA rulings also support the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), which the United Nations has called [3] “a dangerous and potentially life-threatening procedure that causes unspeakable pain and suffering.” Fatwa #1639 [4] from Dr. Hatem al-Haj justified the horrific practice, by citing the canonical hadith [5] in which Islam’s prophet Muhammad endorsed its practice, stating:

[…] Some extremists from the west and their devout followers in the Muslim world like to brand all circumcision as female genital mutilation (FGM). For those, we say, why is male circumcision not MGM? Male circumcision is widely practiced in the west. Yet it would be considered by the Chinese MGM (Male Genital Mutilation).

The benefits of male circumcision are beginning to be more recognized in the medical societies, even though still contested by a few. Fifty years ago, no one knew that male circumcision has medical benefits. The same could be true with female circumcision. They may figure out the benefits of the practice in fifty or five hundred years. […]

Al-Haj then went on to implicitly sanction [4] the practice of taking a Muslim female outside of her American milieu to have the procedure performed—in violation of the US “TRANSPORT FOR FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION [6]” act.

The question is not to ban female circumcision because of the position of certain nations, but How do we regulate it as Muslims? What should we -western Muslims- do? For Muslims who live in the west, since it is not mandatory and it is at the same time illegal in the west, and would bring about harm to the people who practice it, I wouldn’t advise having it done, as long as you are a resident/citizen of the west. We however should never doubt anything in our religion because of the bad publicity the media creates about it.

A concordant fatwa [7] issued in Arabic (translation by Al-Mutarjim [8]) on the website [9] of the Secretary-General of AMJA and the chief member of its Resident Fatwa Committee, Dr. Salah Al-Sawy, declares that FGM is “an honor” for women, Al-Sawy also acknowledges that the procedure—in accord with a continuum of Islamic rationale [5] from al-Jahiz in the mid-9thcentury, to former Muslim Papal equivalent, i.e., Al-Azhar University Grand Imam Jad al-Haq through 1996—is explicitly implemented to reduce a woman’s otherwise unbridled “concupiscence,” i.e., lust:

But for the woman, the purpose [of circumcision] is the benefit that it has in lessening her lust, which is a wholesome request. There is no harm in removing it. In short, female circumcision is an honor (which) does not rise to the level of a duty, in clear language. Stated another way, it is neither forbidden nor required.

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  1. Look at all those male bastards lining up to take part in mutilating that little defenseless girl.

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  2. Is there no end to the degradation of women and girls in islam??!!

    I remember reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s FGM experience in her novel Infidel, I was in absolute shock! Since then I have had many jaw dropping moments reading disgraceful islamic trash.


  3. Dont worry about it, our former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard said that she would call up misogynie whenever and wherever she saw it. She berated and shouted at our now Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who has 3 adored daughters, a loved wife and a gay sister whom he loves, because he looked at his watch when she was ranting and raving. (A true proof of woman hating if ever there was one). Now, if she goes berserk at a woman loving Tony Abbott for looking at his watch when she speaks, just imagine what she will do to those real bastards who torture little girls !!!! She can still travel the world, compliments of the australian tax payer, so she will be over there, saving women and little girls, in no time flat.

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