Sydney: Muselmaniacs Charged With Assaulting Police; Their Family Riots in Courtroom

The Sydney Moonbat Herald  turns this into:

“Dozens of police in brawl at Downing Centre court”

Sounds like the police had a go at each other, or something. But do read on:

Christina McIntosh:

Sydney: Muslims Charged With Assaulting Police; Their Family Riots in Courtroom


News just to hand.   Background briefing: police were called to a report of a domestic viiolence incident.  Members of the Muslim family involved, assaulted police and were arrested.  Certain of the persons involved had just been formally charged when this second riot was started..right there in the court.

The Muslims are, of course, claiming they wuz “provoked!!!” and crying victim (I encourage readers to click on the links and look at photos of drama queen be-hijabbed mama and her menacing thuggish sons) but I would bet my bottom dollar that the court’s CCTV footage, slowed down and viewed frame by frame if necessary, will show that the mohammedthug threw the first punch.

And so to our reports.

First, from the ABC.

“Riot squad called to courtroom brawl involving Sydney family charged with assaulting police”.


“The riot squad has been called to a Sydney courtroom to deal with a brawl between police and members of a family (a Muslim family – CM) facing charges for assaulting police.

‘Five members of the Mehanna family were facing Downing Centre Local Court in central Sydney over charges of Affray and assaulting police on New Year’s Day in 2013 at their Bankstown home.

‘Witnesses said that shortly after the lunch adjournment one of the Mehanna brothers struck a police officer, starting a courtroom brawl that involved more than 30 officers.

That’s not a brawl. That’s a riot. In a court.  It wasn’t outside the court, either. It was inside the court.  I am not sure that Australian non-Muslims have ever pulled this kind of stunt in a court. Not even in our wildest colonial days. – CM

‘But Ali Mehanna claims it was police who started the altercation.

Suuuure. And what do we know about Muslims? They lie, lie, lie, lie, lie; and they always, always, always cry victim, and cry “grievance!” and “we wuz pwovoked!!” and  claim that the other guy started it.  Ali Mehanna’s screams of “victim” and “provocation” are totally and dismally predictable.  It will be fun to see what happens if – as I strongly suspect – the CCTV footage from the courtroom plus anything filmed on mobile phones, etc, by non-Muslim persons present in the court, shows decisively that the fight was started by the Muslim participants. – CM

“There was no need for more police. Officers were in court dealing with the situation. Tehre were six or seven other police officers outside of the courtroom”, he said.

I see the massive reinforcement of the courtroom cops as a healthy sign that Australian police are learning to instantly deploy overwhelming force when violent Mohammedans begin causing Trouble. – CM

“As my brother and the family has left the court room, they provoked him.

You know what, Mr Mehanna?  I don’t believe you. – CM

“They were pushing, shoving, and before you knew it he was getting hit and punched by the police officers.

Again, Mr Mehanna, I don’t believe you. – CM

“And then while they were arresting him on the floor, they started kicking him, kneeing was police brutality all over”.

Wait for the CCTV footage to be analysed. It may well tell a story of an out-of-control run-amok mohammedthug having to be subdued by main force. – CM

‘The original case against members of the Mehanna family was adjourned for sentencing until next month.

‘Police say one officer was injured in the brawl, and at least one member of the Mehanna family has been taken into custody.

Observe.  The Muslim mobster, Ali Mehanna, claimed the police were beating up on his bruvva; yet there is no hint that either that bruvva (who started the fight) or anyone else in the Mob incurred any real injury; the only person injured was a police officer . 

And now to the Sydney Morning Herald version, from their court reporter Emma Partridge.

“Dozens of police in brawl at Downing Centre court”.

“Witnesses describe a brawl between police and a group of brothers who had just been convicted at Sydney’s Downing Centre Courts on Tuesday.

“Dozens of police officers have been involved in a brawl inside a Sydney court with a family (that is: a Muslim family – CM) on trial for brawling with police.

‘One officer was “smacked in the face” during the fight, witness and 2UE court reporter Leonie Ryan said.

Non-Muslim witness. Good.  – CM

‘A number of police cars circled the Downing Centre at lunchtime on Tuesday.

The fight broke out minutes after Adel, Hussain and Ali Mehanna were convicted of numerous offences, including affray, resisting arrest and assaulting police during a fight that broke out outside their Bankstown home on January 1 2013.

“Five Mehanna family members were facing police assault charges after the brawl.

‘Ali Mehanna, who was allegedly involved in Tuesday’s scrum (really? “scrum”?? – this was at least a brawl, and potentially a riot – CM) on level four, kept screaming “This is police brutality”.

Suuuure. - CM

 ‘Ryan said Adel Mehanna was inside the dock of the courtroom when he started screaming: “I’m going to f***ing kill you”.

Uttering threats to kill, right there in court. Not smart.  Ugly.  And Ali Mehanna wants to represent himself and his thuggish family as poor little innocent persecuted victims, attacked out of the blue by the eeevil police? – CM

‘Officers then stormed in as Corrective Services attempted to take him away.

Sounds like he should have been in a straitjacket. – CM

“We walked out of court, we were standing outside the doors, and all of a sudden we just hear screaming.  We turned around and it was almost like a football match brawl”, she said.

“There were punches being thrown everywhere. It was just fists flying everywhere and screaming.

‘She said one police officer was punched in the face before a man was tackled to the ground and handcuffed.

Nota bene.  First the police officer was punched in the face – by the mohammedthug – and thenthe person who threw the punch was tackled and handcuffed (while, one may safely assume, continuing to violently resist arrest). – CM

‘Ali Mehanna told reporters outside the court that his brother, who was arrested over the brawl, was the victim of an “unprovoked attack”.

Turnspeak. Reversal of reality. Because the account I’ve just read, by the non-Muslim witness, indicates that his brother started the fight by assaulting a police officer. – CM

“They provoked my brother as he walked out, they found a reason and then ‘bang’ they jumped on him”, Ali Mehanna said.

“There were officers outside of the courtroom, there was no need for officers to be outside of the courtroom (oh yes there was…because visible deployment of overwhelming force is the only way for Infidel law enforcement to deal with the ever-present possibility of the mohammedan insta-mob – CM), and then as we were leaving there was six or seven of them.”

All necessary, so far as I can see.  If there had been few or no police present, what might have happened to the non-Muslim persons present in and around that court? – CM

‘Family supported Hassan Anthony kept repeating the words “police brutality”.

Nobody actually got hurt, except a police officer.  That tells me the police used just as much force as was necessary to subdue a dangerous and out-of-control person who represented a manifest threat.– CM

“They hit him (a family) to the face, they kneed him in the back”, Mr Anthony said.

He wasn’t taken away to hospital so I assume very little actual harm was done. – CM

“There was no mercy, all because they (police officers) are wearing the colour blue”, he said.

???? What’s the colour blue got to do with it? And.. no mercy?  His thuggish kinsman was subdued and arrested, as he required to be – and without sustaining, in the process, any injury serious enought to require medical attention. That’s mercy, as far as I’m concerned.  – CM

The case continues.

Now to our third ‘take’ on this disgraceful incident; this time, from the Daily Telegraph’s Lema Samandar, as reproduced by “The Australian”.  

“Brawl erupts outside court rooms as three members from the same family were convicted of assaulting police”.

That is: another member of the same family…assaulted police. In the court. – CM

‘A Western Sydney family who were in court today over assaulting police began a brawl with officers outside a courtroom, saying they were provoked.

How, “provoked”, given that they started the fight? This is bog-standard mohammedan turnspeak and reversal of reality.  But one must bear in mind that absolutely everything on earth seems to “provoke” or offend mohammedans.  The real “provocation” was probably the fact that members of the Allah Gang, the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, were being publicly subjected to processes of Infidel law…Infidel law for which Muslims are taught to feel nothing but contempt. – CM

‘Dozens of officers and riot squad police swarmed the Downing Centre Local Court moments after a fight broke out between members of the Mehanna family and police.

Probably that sentence should have ended, “moments after a member or members of the Mehanna family attacked police.” – CM

‘But outside court, Ali Mehanna said police crash-tackled his brother Hassan as he was walking out of court.

“After the court dismissed most (but not all – CM) of the charges (against) my mother, my father, my sister, m y brother – the cops aggravated the situation”, Mr Mehanna said.

“As my brother left the courtroom they came, they provoked him

How? By looking at him funny? It seems clear, from the non-Muslim witness quoted in reports I’ve already considered, that nobody actually did anything to the mohammedthug until after he threw the punch. – CM

“and they rearrested him.”

Mr Mehanna has omitted something.  In between the claim “they provoked him” which does seem to refer to any kind of physical or verbal attack, and “and they rearrested him”, there is the punch thrown at the police officer. – CM

“There’s videos of the officer constantly hitting my brother, there was six, seven of them on top of him, they were hitting him.”

But there will also be, I bet, video – and non-Muslim eyewitness testimony, too – of the mohammedthug throwing the first punch. – CM

‘Up to six officers tried to restrain Hassan Mehanna, he screamed “help me, somebody help me”.

That six officers were required to restrain him suggests that he was violently resisting arrest. And…the fact of six officers, and more arriving on the scene, is probably why other mohammedthugs present seem to have pulled in their horns, rather than proceeding to a full-scale riot. –  CM

The brawl happened minutes after Magistrate Darryl Pearce convicted brothers Adel, Hussan ahd Ali Mehanna of numerous offences, including affray, resisting arrest, and assaulting police during a fight that broke out outside their Bankstown home on New Year’s Day last year.

‘And that, I suspect, is the real “provocation” that Mr Ali Mehanna is whining about; that a number of mohammedans are about to be punished under non-Muslim law. – CM

‘As people left the court, Adel screamed out from the dock, “I’m going to kill you“.

I observe that the Daily Telegraph has primly omitted his use of the F-bomb, but of course, what matters is the public expression of a threat to kill.   If the Australian authorities knew what they were doing, Adel Mehanna and his entire family would be looking down the barrel of deportation.  Unfortunately, we’ve not realized that yet; in the interim, I hope that Adel Mehanna after publicly uttering a threat to kill, is now firmly on the list of people to be watched, by the AFP and ASIO.  

And yet more, from Channel Nine, giving some idea of just why exactly so many police had to be deployed.  The violence and the feverish histrionics of the Muslim street, exploding inside a courtroom in Sydney. – CM

‘Brawl erupts outside Sydney Court.

“Moments after three brothers (three Muslim brothers – CM) were convicted over a brawl with police, there was screaming, punching and wailing as another altercation with officers erupted at a Sydney court.

‘Dozens of officers and riot ssquad police swarmed over level four of Downing Central Local Court on Tuesday after brothers Adel, Hussain, and Ali Mehanna were convicted of numerous offences, including affray and resisting arrest.

‘After the decision was handed down, Adel yelled out from the dock at people leaving the court, “I’m going to f***ing kill you”.

‘An altercation with police and one of the brothers then spilled out of the court into the foyer.

‘As bewildered members of staff and the public stared on, six officers tried to restrain one of the brothers who lay writhing on the floor screaming, “Help me, somebody help me”.

‘His mother Rafah Mehannah wailed and screamed out, “No, no”.  She was later taken from the court in an ambulance.

Drama queen. – CM

‘The three brothers, as well as their mother, their father Mohammed and sister Zainab, had just faced charges in court over the altercation with police at their Bankstown home.

‘The court heard police had been called to the property after reports of a domestic disputein the early hours of New Year’s Day last year.

‘When two officers arrived, the three brothers were smoking on the front lawn.

‘Magistrate Darryl Pearce said Ali had sworn at them, calling one a “slut” (this indicates that, as per usual procedure when police go to a suspected domestic dispute, one of the attending officers was female – CM), and telling them it was a family matter.

‘Despite police discovering there was no case of domestic violence, at least 10 more officers turned up.

Probably because Sydney police have learnt, the hard way, that in any dealings with members of the Mohammedan mob, it is as well to deploy force majeure. – CM

‘The situation escalated (how, precisely? – CM), and a “brawl” broke out, with the brothers found to have assaulted a number of police and resisted arrest.

‘However, Magistrate Pearce dismissed the charges against Mr and Mrs Mehanna and Zainab, saying that they had only acted in defence of their family.

?????  – CM

‘He said the trio would have come out of the house to see one officer with a gun drawn, others holding tasers and others punching the three men.

Memo to cops engaged in any interaction at all with the mohammedan mob: make sure everything, from the beginning, is video and audio recorded, so that it  may be objectively clear who did what, when. - CM

‘Speaking outside court, a supporter of the family alleged the Mehannas had again been attacked by police on Tuesday.  “If you don’t believe us, you can believe the camera footage”, he told reporters.

Suuuure.  Me, I suspect the camera footage will tell quite a different tale. – CM

‘Hussain was taken into custody following Tuesday’s ugly scenes while Adel (the one who yelled at people who were leavng the court, “I’m going to f-ing kill you! – CM) remains in custody. Ali was given bail. (I wonder if he’ll try to flit? – CM).

“The matters will return to court next month.”

And I suspect there will be an even bigger and more visible police presence, next time around. –CM

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  1. “Charges were dropped against their parents Rafah and Mohamed Mehanna and their sister Zainab, with Magistrate Darryl Pearce saying they had only acted in defence of their family.”

    So if the police ever come to my door to arrest one of my kids, l can attack the cops with impunity now. Thankyou Magistrate Darryl Pearce you have just given the green light to attack the police and given the perpetrators an excuse to get off. You Sir are a F*cking craven DHIMMI!!

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