The Invention of the 'Rohingyas'

With material previously posted on this site, we are trying to expose the jihad on Burma by Bengali Muslim invaders, which the lame stream media is trying to elevate to a ‘people oppressed’ by suffering Buddhists:

From Malaysia, Where Muslims Are On The March, Obama Presumes To Tell The Burmese Buddhists What They Can Do

Hugh Fitzgerald

Here you can find Obama, at a Town Hall in a country which, through its Bumiputra system, favors Muslims over Chinese and Hindus, forcing them to pay a disguised Jizyah, and where Hindu temples have been routinely razed, and Chinese, both Christians and Confucians, put constantly on edge by Muslim demands and pressures, presuming to preach to the Burmese, telling them they must not “oppress” the Muslims of Burma. Does he know, I wonder, anything about the history of the Bengali Muslims who entered northern Burma, and who have been attacking Buddhists — driving them out entirely of some regions, by killling many and scaring off the rest — or does he not? I don’t think he does. He can talk all he wants about Getting On The Right Side Of History, but shouldn’t he being to study a little of the relevant history? What does his staff do all day? What kind of preparatory material, bullet-riddled executive summaries and so on, are prepared? Who prepares them — is it people fresh out of American colleges or law schools, unlikely to have any idea what constitutes sufficient knowledge? What do such people themselves know about anything? There are plenty of people who have studied history, received doctorates in history, but are eking out existences as adjuncts, or even unemployed, all over this land. Why are they not hired by the government to help such people as Obama, and those others in the State Department, learn what they need to learn.
Hugh Fitzgerald

This article, on the failure, and possibly inevitable failure, of “democracy” in a baker’s dozen of Arab countries and the possible success of “democracy” in only one of them, is missing two key words.

The first is of five letters. And that word would help explain, would almost completely explain, the failure to obtain and keep
“democracy” and why, in 13 of the 14 countries discussed, despotism has never left or has returned.

The second is of six letters, and explains why Tunisia is a special case, and just might succeed in some version of “democracy.”

Please write only one side of the blue book.

Obama warns against repression of Muslims in Myanmar

Bangkok Post

US President Barack Obama warned Sunday that ethnic and religious conflicts could move Myanmar in a “very bad direction.”

US President Barack Obama addresses young student leaders during a visit to the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, on April 27, 2014

Obama praised the “courageous process” of political reform taking place in a country formerly led by a military junta, but warned that democratisation after years of repression brought its own perils.

“Myanmar won’t succeed if the Muslim population is oppressed,” Obama said at a “town hall” meeting during a visit to Muslim-majority Malaysia.

Obama was referring to Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority in Rakhine state which has been subject to persecution at the hands of Buddhist nationalists.

“The danger now that they are democratising is that there are different ethnic groups and different religions inside Myanmar,” Obama said.

“If people start organising politically around the religious identity or their ethnic identity… then you can actually start seeing conflicts… that could move Myanmar in a very bad direction.”

“In particular, you have a Muslim minority inside Myanmar right now that the broader population has historically looked down upon and whose rights are not fully being protected.”

Buddhist-dominated Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been by plagued by religious unrest in recent years with at least 250 people killed in Buddhist-Muslim clashes since 2012. Thousands more people have been displaced.

Obama made a triumphant visit to Myanmar in November 2012 and his administration has offered strong support to the government of President Thein Sein as it seeks to cement civilian rule.

Washington has for years been a strong supporter of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and backs efforts to amend the country’s constitution so that she can run for president.

Obama called during his inauguration in 2009 for authoritarian regimes to unclench their fists and embrace dialogue with the United States.

Unless Obama’s diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear program evolves into a long-term rapprochement, Myanmar will stand as the only example of a nation to have accepted the call.





The English translation of an article in Burmese by Thaung Kwyel first appeared on Feb. 15, 2014 at the website Winds of Change of  “Sheikyermami.”

Short History Of So-called Rohingyas aka Bengali-Muslims

Cartoon published in January 1953.

The cartoon on left published 60 years ago this month in the “Yakhine Tanzaung Magazine” (1953 January) accurately depicted in just one-page-panel the unimaginable sufferings of native Yakhine-Buddhists in Maungdaw and Butheedaung Townships back in the 1950s.

While native Yakhine-Buddhists were lying dead at the stomping feet of laughing Mujahid Giant — in his hand was a terrified Yakhine girl going to be devoured — and while Yakhine-Buddhist families were fleeing from their ancestral homes in their villages being burned down by Bengali-Muslims coming from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Burma’s then Prime Minister U Nu (a so-called devout Buddhist) was peacefully and comfortably meditating in Rangoon under the protection of armed soldiers who wouldn’t lift a finger to help his fellow Yakhine-Buddhists greatly suffering under Bengali-Muslims’ genocidal assaults.

That single comical and cartoonish illustration from more than 60 years ago still accurately reflects what has been still going on right now in our Arakan.
Under the great leadership of Burmese Buddhists like President Thein Sein and that Nobel-laureate Aung San Suu Kyi who really desire themselves to be portrayed as “Peace-loving Great Statesmen” we the native Yakhine-Buddhist are still being raped and burned and murdered by the illegal Bengali-Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh exactly same as what were happening and being depicted in that single comical illustration exactly 60 years ago.
Actually that armed solider doing nothing but quietly standing with a rifle on his shoulder at the lower-right corner of that cartoon even reminded me of now-disgraced-and-jailed Colonel Aung Gyi the absolutely corrupt Na-Sa-Ka Chief who deliberately didn’t give the order to shoot at the illegal Bengali-Muslims rioting and burning down the whole Maungdaw town in June 2012.
Colonel Aung Gyi the Maungdaw Border Control Chief who refused to fire at Bengali-Muslim rioters in 2012 Maungdaw Riots was fired and jailed.
In 1942 alone Bengali-Muslim illegals had murdered at least 70,000 to 100,000 native Yakhine-Buddhists during the lawless chaos as the British colonial masters were being suddenly driven out of Burma by invading Japanese Army at the beginning of WW2.
Later during the so-called Armed-Democracy under U Nu and Socialist Pha-sa-pa-la rule, started in 1948 and eventually ended by General Ne Win’s bloodied military coup in 1962, at least 200 to 300 Yakhine and Burmese villages were totally destroyed and their Buddhist inhabitants massacred by the Mujahid insurgents (Kalar-zoe) of those same Bengali-Muslim illegals from Bangladesh.
Those Buddhist and Yakhine villages with surrounding fertile-paddy-lands and adjacent plentiful-fishing-grounds violently taken over by the Bengali-Muslim genociders are still being illegally occupied nowadays by the Bengali-Muslim descendants of those genocidal Bengali-Muslims from 1940s and 1950s.
Today all these large Bengali-Muslim or Kalar villages with traditional Buddhist names like Tha-beik-taung (Alms-bowl-mountain), Thain-taung (Monastery-hall-mountain), and Kyaung-daw (Royal-Monastery) etcetera were Burmese or Yakhine-Buddhist villages originally.
And anyone with a right mind can easily reach a conclusion that those original Buddhists would not just peacefully transfer their large ancestral villages into the brutal hands of Bengalis (or East-Pakistanis back then) whose evil religion Islam has never ever tolerated our gentle religion Buddhism.
They had to leave their villages and their fertile paddy lands and their plentiful fishing grounds into the hands of evil Muslims just only because they were being ROBBED-RAPED-BURNED-KILLED by the Bengali-Muslim illegals in 1940s and 1950s. Those Buddhist villagers were forced to leave or their lives were simply terminated by the genocidal Bengali-Muslims.
During those days in the 1940s and 50s there were no worldwide media reaching remote places like Norther-SArakan, UN wasn’t even heard of, no INGOs were there, and forget about the International Red Cross (ICRC). No Buddhist had ever dared or even known their legal-birth-rights to demand the resettlement and reoccupation of their ancestral villages.
MujahidInsurgence-SurrenderToGeneralAungGyi-1961Surrendering of Mujahid Rebels in 1960

Unlike what so-called Rohingyas (Bengali-Muslims) are now demanding as if their ancestors had been living there a thousand years even though their fathers and grandfathers had crossed the Naff River and violently driven the original Buddhist inhabitants out of their ancestral land by 1942 Islamic genocide and subsequent massacres.

The Bengali-Muslims’ self-proclaimed race “Rohingya” invented only in 1951 was not widely known or used during those days and even the 1953 Cartoon described the commonly-hated Benglai-Muslims as Mujahids adapted from their own term “The Mujahid Rebellion” started in late 1940s by the Bengali-Muslims of Maungdaw and Butheedoung wildly dreaming to secede from the Union of Burma and join the Islamic East Pakistan (now Bangladesh after 1971 Bangladeshi War of Independence from Pakistan).

The term Rohingya was first mentioned in the Burma Parliament in 1951 by Muslim Maungdaw Pha-sa-pa-la MP Abdul Zor Phor after that power-mad and mildly-delusional U Nu abandoned Yakhine-Buddhists and made a deal with devil by forming un-holy alliance with Bengali-Muslims so that he would win the general elections just merely by Muslim votes which were a substantial voting-block in post-colonial Burma.And he did of course win every election till Ne Win kicked his mad-arse out and put him in jail for a very long time in 1962.

RohingyaTalibanModern day Bengali-Muslim Mujahids

Later in that same year of 1953 BA Ba Thar a Muslim editor started referring the Maungdaw-Butheedaung Bengali-Muslims as Rohingyas in his Guardian Newspaper till Ne Win’s Military Government stopped it.
Of course the sole reason for that invented race Rohingya was to re-establish their Bengali-Muslim illegals as a so-called thousand-years-old ethnic tribe of Burma after they had lost their little war of secession in their failed Mujahid Rebellion. Burmese called that Bengali rebellion “Kalar-zoe Insurgency (Bad-Kalar Insurgency)”.
The term “Rohingya” as a new race is a strategic about-turn to survive and also is a propagandized term to garner international support in their fight to keep on holding their illegally-attained lands from the native Yakhine-Buddhists who have every right to take their ancestral lands back.

The sad irony is that even though the Saudi-funded and OIC-sponsored Bengali-Muslim political elite exiling in the rich countries like US and UK and European countries has been establishing their race as self-invented “Rohingya” widely and internationally their so-called Rohingya people have never used that term for themselves till just few years ago.



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  2. Rita, for your Jihadi Euphemism File: registered advocacy organization with a radical pro-Islamic agenda that sometimes attacks non-Muslims

    Experts Reject Claims of ‘Rohingya Mujahideen’ Insurgency

    By PAUL VRIEZE / THE IRRAWADDY| Monday, July 15, 2013 |

    [Indonesia-based International Crisis Group security analyst Sydney] Jones said the Forum Umat Islam is not a Jihadist terrorist organization but a registered advocacy organization with a radical pro-Islamic agenda, adding that it sometimes engages in attacks on religious minorities in Indonesia.

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