Trojan horse, UK: "investigation must not undermine the confidence of our communities…”

Policy of appeasement on steroids. We must not investigate crime because it might upset the criminals. What a bloody swamp!

UK: Anti-terror chief chosen to investigate Muslim school takeover plot, sparking concern he’ll “undermine confidence” of Muslims

How dare anyone suggest investigating the Muslims !!!  It will make them angry—VERY ANGRY. How dare the Kaffirs stick their noses into their plans to Islamise Britain and introduce Sharia Law into the country that Allah has given to them.

Peter ClarkeBirmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore said: “Peter Clarke will need to give careful consideration to building a strong relationship with us and, given his recent counter-terrorism responsibilities in London, ensure that his investigation does not undermine the confidence of our communities.” Now wait just a minute, Bore. This is a plot by Islamic supremacists to take over schools, and it is up to the investigator to win the confidence of Muslim communities? Why isn’t it up to the Muslim communities to win the confidence of the investigator? And Peter Clarke was a counter-terrorism investigator, so his appointment is “unfortunate”? But Britain bans people from entering the country if they dare suggest that the dogma that all Muslims in the country are moderate Western-oriented pluralists, right? So if all the Muslims in the UK are moderate, Western-oriented pluralists, why would they be offended by a counter-terror investigator? Aren’t they against terrorism?

Just another day in Stupid Britannia.

“Anti-Terror Chief To Probe ‘Muslim School Plot,’” from Sky News, April 15 (thanks to Robert Spencer, JW)

Midlands Police, heavily compromised through their idiotic investigation of the “Undercover Mosque” producers from Channel4, are freaking out:

Chief constable accuses Michael Gove of ‘desperately unfortunate’ move by calling in former anti-terror chief to investigate Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot claims

Community leaders Koranimals and their enablers have warned of a perceived “witch hunt” against Muslims based on questionable evidence.

From The Telegraph (tanks to Esmeralda)

One of Britain’s most senior policemen has accused Michael Gove of fuelling speculation about an alleged Muslim plot to take over schools by appointing the anti-terrorism chief who oversaw the July 7 bombings investigation to oversee inquiries.

Chris Sims, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, said the decision to call in Peter Clarke, former head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command, to investigate claims about schools in Birmingham was “desperately unfortunate”.

In remarks echoed by the leader of Birmingham City Council Sir Albert Bore and local MPs, he said the move would “inevitably” lead people to “draw unwarranted conclusions” about the allegations that hardline elements in the Muslim community in the city had orchestrated a dirty tricks campaign to increase their influence.

But Mr Gove insisted he wanted to “get to the bottom” of the allegations and end the uncertainty which was interfering with children’s education.

Community leaders have warned of a perceived “witch hunt” against Muslims based on questionable evidence.

But Mr Gove’s decision to appoint one of Britain’s most experienced anti-terrorism experts to look into the claims is an indication of the level of seriousness being attached to it.

He said: “I am extremely concerned by the allegations made in connection to a number of schools in Birmingham. I have already asked Ofsted to inspect a number of schools of concern and these investigations are ongoing. But wider, more comprehensive action is needed.

“These allegations need either to be substantiated and firm action taken, or to be shown to be baseless. We cannot allow uncertainty for parents or pupils to persist. That is why I am appointing a commissioner to oversee this work. Peter Clarke brings a wealth of relevant skills and experience, and is very well placed to lead a fair and thorough assessment of the evidence, and report back to me.

“We expect he will work closely with Birmingham City Council. . . ”

But in a highly unusual move for a Chief Constable – Mr Sims publicly criticised Mr Gove’s decision. He said: “This is a desperately unfortunate appointment. He told The Telegraph that it would be “perceived in the strongest possible terms by many, many people”

“People will read into it that this has suddenly become a counter terrorism investigation,” he said. “In many respects this is not a policing issue. I have a counter terrorism unit that runs from this force but they are not engaged in investigating schools in east Birmingham. And I don’t for a minute think that Peter Clarke will be either but I understand the community well enough to know that his appointment will be judged by many to be exactly that. . . ”

It strikes me that the very complaints suggest that it is an excellent decision. 


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