UK: "Powerless, Nothing can be done", really?

Islamic headbanger broadcasts murderous jihad exhortations from Buckimhamshire, incites the believers to fight:

From local website Get Bucks (thanks to Esmeralda)

784px-Edwin_Lord_Weeks_-_Interior_of_a_Mosque_at_Cordova_-_Walters_37169A watchdog has said it is powerless to stop a controversial Islamic preacher from broadcasting from a south Bucks(Buckinghamshire) village.

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib spent £2million buying a former evangelical church in Fulmer and turning it into a mosque which is also the base for his satellite TV channel Fardak TV. Now Ofcom has revealed it cannot stop the cleric’s broadcasts, which have been said to stir up conflict between al-Habib’s Shia sect and rival Sunni Muslims. Fardak TV is registered with Ofcom but its broadcasts cannot be controlled by it because they are shown abroad.

To paraphrase the first comment; the suthorities have always found the power to stop the pirate music stations that people enjoy, so what’s their problem here? 


The Ukraine is in the news. George Galloway has figured out a way to fit it into his narrative of Zionist,that is Nazionist, perfidy.

And here it is.

Many no doubt would be delighted if someone were to belt this Galloway.