UN Crooks Arrange For the Protection of Muslims in the Central African Republic

UN approves peacekeepers for CAR

Of course they ‘approve’. The UN gets its marching orders from the OIC, a block of 56 ‘Muslim nations’. UN corruptocrats always stand where the petrodollars fall, but they won’t tell you that. You’ll never see them come out for the protection of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or Jews; but when the jihad backfires all hell breaks loose.  Burma and the invented “Rohingya” are the best example of Mohammedan hypocrisy, Muslims and their western media hounds  even turned a Buddhist monk into a  ‘Buddhist bin Laden’.

 The UN Security Council has unanimously approved the creation of a UN peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic to try to stop violence between Christians and Muslims that has threatened to spiral into genocide.

The 15-member council authorised the force on Thursday. It will be known as MINUSCA and will be made up of up to 10,000 troops, 1,800 police and 20 corrections officers.

Resolution drafted by former colonial power France paves way for 11,800-strong force to be created in war-torn country. (Al Jizz)

UN says “genocide” narrowly avoided in CAR

“Genocide”- funny that the UN thugs from the UN cannot even agree that the genocide on half a million black Darfurians was genocide. Playing fast and loose,  the UN-crooks openly side with the Muslims against the Christians, who were terrorised and about to be genocided by jihad:

Ban Ki-Moonbat warns against any violence by armed groups after troops from Chad were accused of killing civilians.

UN accused of ‘shameful attitude’ in S Sudan

Human rights envoy says the long history of persecution in Myanmar could amount to “crimes against humanity”.

Glenn Beck Sued by Soddy Barbarian

(Reuters) – A Saudi Arabian national who was injured in the bombing attack on last year’s Boston Marathon has filed a defamation lawsuit against television commentator Glenn Beck for publicly accusing him of being the “money man” behind the attacks.