Unicorn Discovered!

Homosexual, Wakademic, Green-Left Vegan Sides With Islamophobes!

uni61Gelsenkirchen –  Germany:  a lecturer for politics joined the extreme right ProNRW against Islam, shouted “Islamophobic paroles” and was promptly sacked from his job.  Undeterred, he brought his case before the Administrative Court (VG) in Gelsenkirchen and  won.

At the hearing on Wednesday it was revealed that the sacking was illegal. (Formal errors) An appeal is not allowed.

Review: Politics Teacher Daniel K. (32) from Dortmund professes to be a left Green voter,  gay and vegan.

(Normally, these people are not our friends.)

But on a ProNRW demo in June 2012 in Cologne, he  strongly came out against Islam.

“As a professing homosexual in Germany I have more fear of Islamists as than Nazis!” Daniel K. said on a video circulating on the Internet. “Islam is the greater danger. And neo-Nazis are the ones who fight all blind…”

(The above is a direct translation from German by myself. The last sentence doesn’t make much sense.)


Didn’t work for a homosexual teacher in the U.K.:

A gay homosexual assistant head teacher has been forced to resign after Muslim parents complained that they did not want their children learning that it’s OK to be homosexual.

Muslims Force Gay Teacher to Quit

‘The Muslim community is being allowed to influence government legislation around equality.’

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  1. Und Neonazis sind die, die alle blind bekämpfen.

    Blind in German also means ignorance. If I act on something blindly, I am acting without knowing all the facts. Add the transposition of the subsentences and you get:
    Those fighting blindly, without knowing all the facts, are the real Neonazis.

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