We got mail!

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I think muslims have fucked and are fucking ur mother sister daughter ur all nation that is why u are against of islam and are providing wrog info manager of this page is goat fucker camel fucker and also dog fucker and pig fucker and elephant fucker . . .fuck ur mother sister daughter u and ur family

We also have a message from the 13-year old who was ‘married’ to an illegal Lebanese headbanger:

Posted on Australia: More on that illegal Shiite who ‘married’ a 13-year old child, (she posted under M.G., we won’t publish her e-mail, she already caused enough damage to herself)

All of u peoples minds are messed up u don’t understand anything about me i have the right to marry who ever i want even if i am 13 u dont know me so keep ur mouths shut and i was not forced to marry this man i made this choice and my dad was not happy with it but in the end all my dad wanted to do was make his daughter happy


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  1. And I thought WE were supposed to be giving our daughters too much freedom. What was the father thinking about…my daughter at 13 was interested in art and the piano, not having sex with men.

  2. PG,
    Obviously ‘your’ daughter has evolved and no doubt is more articulate, educated and civilized. Unlike this MG who obviously could of spent more time at school instead of the mosque, but no doubt she wants to do her bit for the ummah in pushing the kids out like a true piece of cattle these muslime woman are. Any excuse for these cretins at any age to always shift the blame.

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