All criticism of Islam is 'hate speech'

Trust the public, not the judges, to fight real racists

Andrew Bolt

imageJeremy Sammut in The Spectator says the LA Clippers scandal isn’t the only example that proves the public is all the defence we need against real racists:

When Attorney-General George Brandis told the Senate in March this year that ‘people do have a right to be bigots’, his comments were seized upon by opponents of the Abbott government’s plan to reform section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

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Australia: the ‘Daily Telegraph’ demands bigger, better housing for Muslim invaders

Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim welfare family from Gaza whine about being forced to live in a small apartment in Sydney while native Australians who are homeless are forced to sleep on park benches and in the streets. (BNI)

Austria: Police raid mosques suspected of aiding Syrian jihadAustria: Police raid mosques suspected of aiding Syrian jihad

One would think that when mosques are recruiting for and financing a jihad that Western authorities have characterized as being dominated by “extremists,” that those same Western authorities might get an inkling that what they consider to be “extremist” is not necessarily what mainstream Muslims consider to be “extremist.” But that is a point that […] Continue Reading »

Mass Deportations Now!

France deports Algerian ISIL recruiter:  Having lived in France since the age of two, the suspect was known to French intelligence as he was connected with two other men sentenced for recruiting fighters for Afghanistan in 2011.

“Macy’s consistent targeting of innocent customers”

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