Are Kerry and Obama not able to understand the scope of the problem?

The Arab Muslim Madness on display, here:

 by Hugh Fitzgerald

What information are those at the tippety-top fed, what bullet-riddled  Executive Summaries about Islam,  compiled by 25-year-olds with degrees from Harvard or Yale, as preparation for some meeting with some smiling sheikh or general or king or president more-or-less-for-life, those 2-3 page affairs that are meant to give the great man What He Needs To Know. But what evidence is there that they know about what is written in the Qur’an and the Hadith, about what is inculcated in the mosques, about how the Example of Muhammad, the Perfect Man, affects Muslim behavior? What do they understand of Muslim attitudes, the Muslim view of non-Muslims ? Given that they have so little time to devote to any one thing, in the comico-tragical hectic vacancy of their running-around, with meetings and photo ops with other leaders, and going over lines with speech-writers, and getting to planes for plane rides hither-and-yon, and awarding of medals (of Honor, of Freedom, you name it), and visits to manufcaturing plants and Real Americans, and Salutes to Soul at the White House, and so on, it’s impossible for them to sit still and read, and re-read, and make sense of Islam. Why, even Tom Friedman, and the editorial writers of the Times and the Post, haven’t been able to do that.

As for understanding Islam, their valets will do that for them.

They are not able  to understand the scope of the problem, or even to begin to think of ways to divide and demoralize, in order to weaken, the Camp of Islam. They’ve never faced anything like this. The meaning of Islam, and hence its menace for non-Muslims, is not understood, is resisted by those who are supposed to instruct and protect us. They cannot allow themselves to believe that there might be something uniquely dangerous about Islam, and convince themselves that “all religions have their crazies” and leave it at that. They cannot understand the behavior, not of a handful of Muslims, but of many tens of millions, cannot understand the implacably hostile views toward non-Muslims shared by a billion Muslims, because of what is written in the Qur’an and Hadith, cannot grasp that it is only those Muslims who do not take Islam completely to heart, and who choose to ignore some or much of it, who are misleadingly called “moderates” in the West, but even these “moderates” become defensive about the faith, lie about its contents to Infidels, and refuse to recognize that Islam is the source of the many failures of their own societies and states.

Muslims themselves, even those deepy disturbed by their own societies, cannot allow themselves to recognize that what is wrong with their societies, and the kind of people it produces, is connected to Islam. No matter how  plausible, ingratiating, charming, they may be in person, they are not reliable dragomans or guides. For that one should learn to heed the apostates, the defectors from the Army of Islam.

Does John Kerry, did Hillary Clinton, does Barack Obama, even know about that window on that world, MEMRI TV?