Australia, are you prepared for the Islamic 'final solution?'


10300029_1449831588594263_8462643984030775538_nLarry Pickering:

Australia now has 374 mosques and in each immediate area housing values have plummeted to as low as half their former value.

Europe is graced by 6,663 mosques. In the UK alone there are 1,568, the US has 2,189 (up 74 per cent since 2000) and New Zealand has 13.

A so called mega-mosque in the south London suburb of Merton holds 10,000 bums in the air and the Muslim population within wailing earshot is now 80 percent.

Where house values have fallen, banks have reassessed their loan exposures and forced the original home owners to either pay the difference in equity or the property is sold at a mortgagee auction.

And guess who is waiting in the wings to pick up a house for half its value? Yep, a Muslim.

The right to freedom of religion is embedded deep in our Constitution but it’s starting to erode our hard-won way of life.

A Melbourne single mother of two recently sold her home at a loss (it was adjacent to a newly-built mosque) and down-sized to a unit in Bendigo only to find she was 200 metres from yet another approval, this time for a $3 million mosque.

Those opposing the new mosque had their accounts closed by Bendigo Bank which is hoping to finance the new mosque.

I hope this poor mother of two doesn’t decide to sell up again and move down the road to Ballarat because approval for yet another mosque has just passed council there.

And guess what, Queensland’s Campbell Newman this week has rejected a Bill that would prevent Muslims hiding their identity under a burqa.

The LNP has decided police have no right to know the identity of an alleged law breaker.

A courier cannot enter a bank wearing a helmet yet any bugger, man or woman, can enter a bank wearing a burqa hiding God knows what! Hmmmm.

If bikies opt to wear burqas Campbell Newman will have a serious problem.

But an even more sinister PC problem has emerged. Customs officials have been told they cannot body scan or inspect the luggage of a disproportionate number of Middle Easterners.

Our Discrimination Act requires that little old grey-haired ladies must be equally suspected of having a bomb in their undies as does a likely looking terrorist… and Section 18C requires that we don’t discuss this apparent madness for fear of racially offending a suspected terrorist.

So, a sallow complexioned hairy bloke wearing a white crocheted cap, a flowing bed sheet and muttering “Allahu Akbar” cannot be suspected of being an Al Queda operative any more than can your Grandma? Crumbs!

Are we spending millions upgrading luggage and body scanners and security cameras only to wave suspicious Middle Easterners through customs because officials have run out of Grandmas to search?

Islamic immigration is fast reaching a tipping point where our sovereign law will be lost to Sharia law.

The barbaric cult of Islam is openly running a protection racket called “Halal Certification” within our food supply chain.

Clerics are openly preaching our destruction in Friday prayers.

Islamists openly rort our welfare system to the disadvantage of our own needy. They use multiple wives to out populate us… they want us either gone or dead!

Our legislators refuse to stem the Islamic tide for fear we become an international target while the Left and far-Left Greens continue to actively support the invasion.

There is not a peaceful place on Earth where Islam abides. Islam is at war with all non Islamists and demands subjugation or death by beheading of all non conformists.

Europe, the US, Africa, Russia and now even China are suffering their cowardly bombings. Only Japan had the foresight to insulate itself from this primitive scourge.

Utter domination is the Islamic promise of “the final solution”.

But hang on, are we hard of hearing, isn’t that exactly what they themselves foretell?





Hugh Fitzgerald

At Dawn (the leading English-language paper in Pakistan) here.

Note, among Mubarak Ali’s remarks, the comment about two Muslim authorities — one of them is Maulana Azad –  suggesting early in the last century that Muslims were required  to leave Dar al-Harb, the Abode of War,which is what India had become once Muslim rule ended, rather than live under non-Muslim rule. It’s too bad that advice was not heeded, and that Muslims have not only not left Dar al-Harb, but are eager to settle within Western Europe, to take full advantage of all the Infidels there have to offer, but remaining true to Islam themselves. For now they see that unlike India, in the land of Europe, they may through demography, a new instrument of Jihad (once it would have been unthinkable for non-Muslims to simply accept the penetration of their societies by large numbers of Muslims — it’s a phenomenon only of this age, and of the Western world, where those who claim to be able to protect and instruct the populace have proven, in the matter of Muslim immigration, incapable of both), and by degrees, turn this particular part of Dar al-Harb, into a place where all obstacles to the spread of Islam are removed, and Islam comes to dominate, and Muslims to rule.

And as long as the Infidels continue to be so accommodating and remain so wilfully ignorant, and few choose to inform and then rouse themselves, that may happen. You don’t want to believe it, you can’t allow yourself to believe it. That’s not the right response.


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  1. Our politicians are clueless (apparently) as to what they are bringing down upon us, and in turn upon themselves. There is a God, and it is not the islamic ‘allah’ (inch allah).

  2. We need to write to politicians on both sides of the fence and give links to articles about their over population. I believe there are about 600,000 of them in Australia right now. Not a lot compared to some countries but more than enough. This Islamic migration is happening world wide. They are determined to take over every country they set foot in and they don’t care how they win. If the Bible is true, He will come and sort it out in due course. I believe we are in the “last days”

  3. Hi, this needs to be spread – 374 mosques in Australia ALREADY….we are ‘doing well’ if we bring on the “per capita” calculation.
    Where is your twitter button????

    Oh, and not only Campbell Newman is increasing the islamic infection rate, Clive Palmer – who first helped Green’s fancier of muslim refugees Hanson-notso-Young back into the Senate, now is also courting the allah-u-akbar- vote for his party:

  4. In today’s “Sunday Mail” (Brisbane), there is a story about a school principal in Redlands who has sacked two student teachers who turned up for classes wearing hijabs. The principal of the Christian school said that such an action was against his and the school’s Christian principles. Thank God for blokes like him! A Muslim “cleric” was said to be “disturbed” by this action. Well, tough bikkies!!!!!!!!!

    1. We’ll put it up later today. In the meantime, why not sent him a note of encouragement? We need people like him to stand up for our country, our rights, our culture and civilisation.

  5. You Aussies are pretty much a nation of wimps. Somebody is going to subjugate you, it’s only a matter of time. If it’s not the Muslims it will be someone else, although, my money is on the Muslims, especially now that none of you are armed for your own defense and your moronic government has pretty much made it illegal to even criticize the cult of Islam. Muslims in Australia could go on a nationwide arson campaign to tomorrow if they want, as they did in France, and you will do nothing about it. Most of you have no weapons and your government will lack the balls to use the ones they have so the Musies will run wild. Of course they would have some success doing this in large liberal US cities as well, but as soon as they started burning the affluent areas the police crackdown on them would be harsh and swift. The rubber bullets would be put away and the live ammo would come out. In the rural areas it would be live ammo from the beginning, and the little terrorists would have two options: Withdraw to the relative safety of the leftwing limpwristed cities or be destroyed. This is an option you silly little limp wristed Australians simply no longer have.

  6. Islam is a messed up violent cult started by a madman . I am a Hindu and would know better than anybody in this world what Islam can do to a nation.
    Islam wants to dominate any region or nation it infiltrates into. J
    ust because there are good natured Muslims does not mean a damn thing.

    If 10% of the Muslims follow exactly what the Quran tells them to do , out of 100 million Muslims,

    You have a problem Mister !

    Muslims privately call their religion: Deen-e-Ghalib,
    which translates to Religion of Utter-Dominance.

    This means that Muslims are pressurized like hell in the Quran and by their mad prophet to take over and dominate the region they are initially minorities in. They are told repeatedly over and over in their book and the hadiths that they are the chosen people and that all other religions in the world will disappear and that Islam will become the final Global faith after a cataclysmic war which they will impose on the world and also be victorious in this horrible war they start.

    They even have a passage in the Quran which says that Jesus in his second coming, will endorse their religion and destroy all other religions in the battle of Armageddon.

    Islam brought violent extermination of all native faiths where ever it was allowed to sow its seed

    Islam did exactly this in Arabia, Anatolia, Persia, the Western part of India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Only in India the religion was turned back due to British Colonial Rule which benefited Hindus more and allowed them to become more educated, modern and powerful — economically and politically.

    But Muslims nevertheless extracted their pound of flesh from the body of India in the form of Pakistan after a year of intense rioting and butchery just before the British left India.

    If the population of Muslims in the USA or any country for that matter reaches 25% of the total population….

    MARK MY WORDS…. You will have a major problem on your hands Americans !!

    Terrorism, aggressive proselytizing, demand for Sharia and Halal and the right to construct a mosque in every street blaring the hideous Islamic call for prayer every five hours and every kind of protest, riot, intimidation and inconvenience to the host nation will automatically and brazenly follow.

    I am conveying this same message to you Australians also. Watch out !
    I am warning the Europeans also ! Please heed my warning before it is too late.

    Take the example of Russia, Japan or China in Asia, these nations are relatively powerful and completely in charge of their destiny because Islam was never allowed to grow roots in those countries. In the case of China, it was violently suppressed during the Cultural Revolution in a very brutal manner.

    The USA is making a big-big-big…big mistake calling Islam a religion of peace.

    IT IS NOT !

    Islam wants to dominate the world covertly first and overtly and brazenly later.
    Every kind of violence and strategy to achieve this end is sanctioned in the Quran.

    You only have to allow a couple of Muslim families to settle in your nation and you have the seeds like a Strangler-fig implanted upon the host plant which is analogous to your great nation.

    It is only a matter of time…

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