Conquest good, ‘occupation’ bad

The hide and the hubris of these people is infuriating:

Muslim scum works overtime to prevent victims telling the truth about Islam:

“A lot of Americans don’t understand the depth of contribution of Arabs and Muslims to American society for centuries,”–Humanising the terrorists who caused 9/11

Multicultural Mayhem in Brooklyn (American Thinker)

“Noor Hussein beating his wife to death is the perfect opportunity to begin dismantling negative Islamic stereotypes and gain newfound respect for the cultural diversity that is now a part of the American landscape.”

Conquest good, ‘occupation’ bad

How can Turkish foreign minister DavutoÄŸlu cite U.N. resolutions about “Jerusalem’s occupation” when several other U.N. resolutions have described his own country as the occupier of Cyprus over the last four decades?

Violent Clashes in Istanbul

Turkish Newspaper Blames Jews for Soma Mine Disaster

It was inevitable, after Turkish Premier Recep Erdogan’s “Israel Spawn or Sperm” epithet to a protester in Soma during his visit to the site of the mine disaster that took the lives of 301 shift Miners on Tuesday May 13th.  A Turkish newspaper,  Yenit Akit,  supporting the AKP government of  Prime Minister, pinned the debacle on, who else, the Jews. In particular it was all due  to the alleged Jewish  son-in-law of the Soma mine owner, Alp Gurken.  Yenit Akitaccused Gurken of”  ”giving his daughter to a Jew,” and claimed that that was the main reason why foreign media outlets were “attacking Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan”   The Daily Hurryietnoted theYenit Akit paper has a “long track record of anti-Semitic slurs”.

Two Dead After Violent Clashes In Istanbul


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  1. The minute turkey is allowed into the EU we will have to use force against the traitorous European governments

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